Nature’s Entertainment

For the most part, bloggers have quit complaining about the restrictions placed on all of us to limit the spread of the virus. We’re in the same boat around the world. They are writing about kindnesses done, benefits of family togetherness, and things seen because there is time to notice. I’m sure I would have noticed our freaky weather, with or without a mandate to stay in place. Wind had been fierce for hours, but I didn’t see our Bradford pear tree ripped apart until some time later.

The very same afternoon our day was as peaceful as could be.

View from the deck on the north side

Two days later I took a photo of tiny bits of hail on the front porch.

The sound was deafening. You can hear the rattle of hail hitting the steps and the car. I cut the video short, because the sound remained the same throughout. In the first second, a robin flies from the tree to its nest under the eave. The bird was upset with us for being too close, as if he knew we should be practicing social distance of six feet.

Our kind neighbors, Dawn and Jeff, offered to cut up the pear tree limbs. What a team they were! Jeff wielded the chainsaw, and Dawn piled up the branches. Neighbor Logan appeared, wearing a protective headset for his ears.

A still picture didn’t tell the whole story. I noticed Jeff make a small cut with the saw and lift the saw so that the blade was horizontal. He marked the limb with his eye and made the next cut at that spot. What a neat way to cut firewood into equal lengths! Dawn waited for him to cut the top, which she then pulled to the side. I was amused that Logan, who is often blurred in photos because he moves so fast, was as still as a statue. Who knew he could be motionless?

41 thoughts on “Nature’s Entertainment

  1. The neighborhood next to us had Bradford pear trees lining the street. So beautiful but eventually they all had to be replaced. They are using a flowering tree but a different variety. I hope it has more longevity. Our neighborhood has Norway maples lining the streets. Unfortunately those are not beautifully colorful in the fall. We think it was a cheap option for the developer and sadly many have had to be replaced. Our trees are doing well. If we need to replace the street trees we will go with zelkovas instead. It looks like you didn’t have to cut down the entire tree.


      1. Zelkova is what is used instead of the stately elms trees in are area. They do well here. My tree guy doesn’t recommend any wound covering. We had a big trunk part of a multi-trunked birch cut down about 2 years ago and he said to let it heal by itself. I don’t know if that’s good advice or not. In a few weeks the rest will be cut down. Any wind will bring down tons of branches. I will miss it for it’s dappled shade but it loses it’s leaves in August and is a lot of work.


  2. It sure has been bizarre weather everywhere. We had a hailstorm a few weeks ago, not much here where I live, but the video the weatherman showed in his yard was impressive – he did not have noise like you did. It gave the hail more creedence by hearing it come down. A tree in a street over has had big branches cut off and put silver duct tape on the exposed wood. I’ve never heard of that – just putting white paint or tar on it.


      1. I thought so too – it is on several branches. I may take my camera in the hood next week or on the weekend … the church where I went with the tilted angel (still like that) had a small nest, but it appears unoccupied, but they have some tulips coming out. I will take a picture of the duct-taped tree to show you – they must have just done it as I didn’t notice it in the Winter. We were supposed to have rain this a.m. – had nothing so I can head out, but we are having a stormy Wednesday and Thursday.

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  3. The whole area looks green like a massive golf course- everything looks so neat and sprig. Logan as usual steals the show. The chain saw has the loudest noise I heard it even here across two continents.
    We are having rain this morning- it is crazy weather here.
    We are awaiting being ship-lifted or air lifted from here now- more adventures to be had, to be sure.
    Has John returned- did he have hail at the train club too ?


    1. That is exciting that you are waiting to leave. Keep us posted.

      John was here when it was hailing. He came out on the porch to watch it with me. David enjoyed the video, since he was working.


  4. A tree down our street was broken like the one in you photo. I didn’t think the wind was that strong, but the limbs are down. Of course maybe the limbs were weak and it didn’t take much to knock them down? Must not make any assumptions.


    1. Bradford pear trees are notorious for splitting in the wind. We’ve lived here almost six years, and this is the first time anything has come down. We had a run of good luck! The tree doesn’t look good from the living room, but from the street it is passable.

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    1. I had already parked in front of the dorm in Memphis when hail battered my old car. The noise was horrific. I don’t think the car was damaged, because I couldn’t tell if there were additional dents after the storm.

      That’s great that you found shelter, even if it was at a stranger’s house.

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  5. We had an enormous beloved Bradford Pear in our yard. Storm #1 took a branch and we tended to the wounds. Storm #2 was a hard wind and heavy snow on spring blossoms and split the tree in half. We learned the hard way that Bradfords are brittle and short lived.


  6. We have finally been having some nice weather around here.
    I do hope your tree isn’t finished because of this! I laughed about your “still” photo of Logan. He reminds me so much of my oldest grandson.


  7. Hi Anne, I’m glad, with the exception of your pear tree, that all are well. It’s been a wickedly cold April here. We’ve had a lot of rain and really cold temperatures. I put a few plants out, usually safe at this time of year, and a few haven’t made it, will have to plant again. Hope the sun shines today on you all.


    1. We’ve had cold weather, too. I’m pulling weeds in the garden, waiting to plant bubs that are supposed to be put out in April. The coleus seedlings are still tiny. Maybe that’s good, considering how cold it has been.


      1. Mine aren’t big either, but since I’ve repotted them into separate pots they are starting to spread out and up…at least some of them.

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