Shows in the ‘Hood

At the end of the day, I realized I had seen three shows in the neighborhood. The first was a wild turkey, struttin’ her stuff on a road leading to our house. I was on the way home when she hopped onto the road and hurried away from me. When she heard a car coming, she walked up a new driveway and into the woods. The show didn’t last long, but I enjoyed every second.

While it was still cool, I set out tomato plants that neighbor Joyce shared with us. It was a labor of love to dig out weeds before putting the tomatoes in the ground. When I stood up to rest, I saw the full lavender glory of our only rhododendron. It put on a silent show with very little movement.

Neighbor Holly invited us to a drive-in movie after dark. That translated to “walk-in” during the COVID-19 restrictions. What fun it was! Holly had a screen at the end of her porch and a projector that she controlled with her cell phone. Shawn, Bob, and Logan in their pajamas were close together, and I was in a rocking chair six feet back. Holly was another six feet behind. We watched Grand-Daddy Day Care, munching on popcorn provided by Holly. The movie was about a pop-up daycare for seniors. I laughed when I saw the actors and realized they looked younger than I am. One character gives his age as 73. It was a bit far-fetched, but fun. The real action, of course, took place on Holly’s porch in the dark, so I don’t have a photo to show us enjoying ourselves.

54 thoughts on “Shows in the ‘Hood

  1. Your “rhodo” is beautiful. I too had a turkey hop in front of the car and into my yard. They are such big pretty birds.Sometimes there a several and I really enjoy seeing a tom strut his stuff. We raised turkeys once and watching the baby toms strut at less than a week old is just the cutest thing.

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  2. That turkey is showing a good turn of speed.My brother would say he hopes his wild turkey doesn’t go as fast.Your rhododendron is gorgeous. I think your community is quite something, so social but still socially conscious.Carry on taking care but being who you are.
    Massive Hugs

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  3. Oh, what fun. Impromptu theater. It reminds me of the outdoor movie viewing the volunteer fire department used to put on for us out in an open field in Colorado. They’d have hay rides, a hot dog trailer, horseshoes and kids and people who didn’t know each other became viewing friends as families laid out blankets or lawn chairs in the field for the show to begin when it got dark. It was a form of social distancing. The screen was the back wall of the firehouse. I loved those days.

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      1. Especially, those impromptu events. It’s part of what I liked about being in the country. Where we were in Colorado was very country. I guess any time there’s volunteer firemen, it’s country. lol


  4. l like that strutting turkey Anne. I see them near the woods now and then, but when they come in our yard I chase them out. The rhododendron is beautiful. We’ve been gathering with family now and them, and since it has warmed up a bit, my parents had a drive by chat with all of us in the front yard this week. It has been hard on them, in their 80’s, to be isolated from those they love. A movie outdoors is such a great idea. Maybe we can copy your idea one warm night.

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    1. We’ve never seen a wild turkey in our yard. I think it’s too open here. Holly’s movie was fun. I hope it works for you. We had sweaters and blankets, because it cools off in the mountains at night.

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  5. The “walk-in” movie sounds like so much fun. What a wonderful way for the neighborhood to come together during these difficult times.


  6. Anne,
    Have you read the Archie comics? They used to be a “thing” when we were growing up in the 70s. I have read of these community and family cinema projection “event”/get-togethers in them. I wish I could send you those pictures( I still have those comic books). Your movie night out reminded me of those tales. I can just imagine you all sitting on the lawn ( outdoors) in the twilight, as the shadows grow long and enjoying the movies. Wish you could have had a prayer and praise session outdoor too- that would have been fun and a great experience too. I love to hear of your COVID adjustment stories in the “hood”.
    That was a cute turkey. Do they live in the woods? Wonder where they get their food from? Do wild turkeys always keep to a herd?


    1. I used to read the Archie comics! I don’t remember cinema projections in the comics, but I was reading them more than 60 years ago.

      Turkeys live in the woods. They eat acorns, nuts, seeds, and grasses. I presume they flock together, since I’ve seen groups of them as they feed by roadsides.

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  7. Your Rhody is beautiful! We have had one for 31 years that got as tall as the roof. I finally held my breath and chopped it down. It started back up immediately and is happily filling out. No flowers this year but I’ll bet it will be a show next.


    1. That’s great that your plant is already on the return. Sometimes things just get too big for their space. We are going to prune the weeping cherry tree this fall because it obstructs the view of the rhododendron.


  8. What fun you’re having down in the South! You’re so lucky. Gorgeous flowers, too!
    It’s warm here now, and tulips are blooming; but we lack neighbours as friendly as yours!


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