Memorial Day Memories

John and I started the holiday a few days early, watching a video from blogger Linda []. The Memorial Day video was touching and a very appropriate way to remember those who have defended our freedom.

At 10:00 am on Monday, I texted neighbors to see if anyone was available to have a pop-up lunch. We have planned holiday cookouts closer and closer to start time, but this was extreme, even for us. When we had one affirmative reply, John and I moved the grill to the front porch. We’ve always used the back screened porch for eating, but the front one is longer. Luckily, there were not many insects about. Our group included John, Jeff, David, Logan, Holly, Shawn, and Bob.

We stayed six feet apart.

A pop-up lunch is equivalent to a come-as-you-are party, only for food, not clothes. Folks bring something they have at home, and they follow the unwritten rule of not going out to buy anything. Our group brought hot dogs, buns, chips, Scoops, quacamole , chopped onions, grated cheese, and deviled eggs. I love chips of all kinds and don’t allow myself to have them often. And deviled eggs! They are a particular favorite of mine, but I won’t make them myself because they take too much time. To me, this was a feast. Bob made us laugh. When asked what kind of hot dog he wanted, he said, “Steak flavored.”

Between the main course and dessert, Logan and David threw a Frisbee. After the meal was finished, Logan rode his bicycle on the street, and David got his bike out of the garage. Former neighbor Marla had tuned it up for him a few weeks ago, and this was the first time he’d done more than a test run. Shawn gave Logan permission to ride to the stop sign. Off they went, as we continued talking on the porch. We became aware of approaching rain, wondering where the fellows would be when it hit. They came back drenched, but still smiling. It began to rain when they were at the stop sign.

David and Logan were drenched. Logan’s mom always cuts his hair, so he isn’t shaggy like the rest of us.

We were amused when Logan went home to change into dry clothes and came running back through the rain. He was not nearly as wet as he had been.

David had been longing to go up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we headed there after everyone went home. Often cloudy day scenery is more exciting than that under brilliant sunshine. We had several things – rain, fog, and sun. It began to rain while David and I were enjoying Sunburst Falls. The stream had more water than usual, making it louder and more visually interesting to us.

Sunburst Falls

Fog was next. That’s what happened the last time we drove there. Both times it was so thick that John had to keep his eye on the middle line. On the other side of the fog, I took this picture of the brooding mountains flirting with the clouds.

The last time we got out of the car was at Looking Glass Falls. I was thrilled to notice lots of mountain laurel on the cliff above the falls. I zoomed in a bit and cut off half the falls to show the bushes. Because of recent rain, the stream was high. Spray billowed onto the walkway halfway down the steps. No one ventured into the water, and most didn’t even go to the bottom of the steps.

I hope you had a pleasant and meaningful Memorial Day.

45 thoughts on “Memorial Day Memories

  1. I’m glad you had such a splendiferous day and I’m glad not everyone brought hot dogs. Your favourite falls appear to be at their best for you and David.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week,
    Humongous Hugs.


    1. We’ve seen Sunburst Falls in all seasons, and we’ve seen the water both high and low. We shivered, but we loved being there when the temperature was very low. The edges of the pools were frozen.

      Are you having a good week?

      xxx Waterfall Hugs xxx


    1. How “country” are you? We feel we are in the country, although we have neighbors. The nearest towns are five and ten miles away. The road into our area hugs a mountain, curving in and out. We see mountains on all sides and are bordered on two sides by pastures. Our little dead end street has only seven houses on it. I think it’s the best of all worlds — away from town, but with lovely neighbors.

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      1. Dirt road, nearest neighbor of question, 2 miles to private school, 10 miles to ‘town’ 190 ac. back yard….pretty much country wouldn’t you say. Closest ‘store was 2 miles but burned several years ago and hasn’t been rebuilt. sad


  2. Hi Anne
    Loved to hear of your pop up lunch- it’s interesting to read about Memorial Day celebrations as we have no day that commemorates our lost heroes.
    Loved the porch party picture and everyone sitting at the stipulated distance from each other. I need to try deviled eggs sometime.
    Most enjoyed the waterfall pictures and the untouched mountain laurel bushes .
    Will send you our own waterfall pictures when we get out and go exploring.


  3. Anne – Thank you for sharing my post with the moving video to our fallen heroes. I always envy your get-togethers with neighbors and this was no different. In fact the one comment struck a chord with me. I recalled a neighbor who told my mom they were having “rolled steak” one night and my mother said she had not heard of it and asked if it was a thin steak rolled up with stuffing. No, she was told, it was hot dogs. I like John and David’s shirts – they were red, white and blue and patriotic. I’ll bet you have a similar shirt/top you are wearing.

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    1. We were lucky that both on Long Island and here, we had neighbors who were always ready to party on holidays. It’s too bad your neighbors aren’t the right sort. It might be just as well you aren’t close to them!

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    1. This is the first neighborhood we’ve lived in where everyone has a front porch that is actually used. We use ours the least, since the afternoon sun makes it a convection oven if there is a breeze. Is it often too hot for you to sit outside?

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      1. There’s an old saying here, “Don’t invite anyone you want to move here to visit during June, July, August…maybe end of Sept”
        Some stay inside for winter, we stay inside summer. There aren’t really sittin’ porches ours is shaded in the afternoon, but it’s just too darn hot.. Luckily trees shade our back deck and it’s often tolerable. Dog walking people are out earlier and later these days – along with the small kids learning bikes and baby strollers. Sometimes we feel like underground creatures slinking out HAHA.
        Take care


  4. Sounds like a wonderful Memorial Day! We had a cookout with our son and grandsons. I have never heard of a pop-up lunch but now I want to host one. Logan is lucky to have wonderful neighbors like your family.


  5. With the ferry not operating, (Holiday), we drove the long way around to daughter Kathryn’s, with Jeff and Abbigail there also, we enjoyed Burgers, Dogs, Brats, grilled corn, and Brussel sprouts, and steamed onions. Somehow I got to be the Grill Master. The kids live 1.5 miles away. It’s a 12 mile trip with the ferry, 27 miles to go around via Salisbury. “Life on the Eastern Shore,” the rivers define us.

    Loved your Po- Up meals, especially in the warm weather, kinda like a Pop-Up shower. Our best to all, stay safe.


    1. You had a lovely gathering. Great! Your food was several notches above ours. I’ll bet you are an awesome grill master. Those mileages are sobering. I remember looking for the nearest store selling a particular item when we lived on Long Island. Google would come back with an address in CT. We were smart, though. We kept our relatives on the island until they escaped to SC, UT, and Denmark.

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  6. Looks like you had a lovely day! BTW, do my eyes deceive me – is that a bit of a moustache on David? Nice! BTW – doesn’t anyone wear a mask in your area? Just wondering, cuz here they’re pretty much universal… Are your Covid infection rates very low in your region?


    1. We wear a mask going in stores and to doctors’ appointments, but none of us do in the neighborhood. Our county has had 48 cases of the virus with no deaths. David trimmed his mustache this morning, as well as the hair on his chin. I trimmed around his ears. We’re both smiling.

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  7. We tried to plan a small picnic with youngest daughter and her boy friend but she ended up having to go into work to clean since the were planning to reopen on Tuesday. Pop-up’s are rare with our group. Glad you had a lovely day.

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