Oldest and Youngest

Daughter Lise and son John $pencer planned to meet for lunch at a Thai restaurant halfway between our homes. It was perfect! We knew the dining room was not open, so John and $ thought about getting take-out and going to a park. On line, we found that parks are still closed. John packed a folding table and three chairs. I found plates and cutlery which Lise stowed in her backpack. We were prepared. As it turned out, we didn’t need those things. There were two tables beside the front door just waiting for us. The waiter brought our food in take-out containers, but he served us as attentively as if we were inside.

John, Lise, John $, and Rose at see-through table

We discovered that spilling something on a table with a metal lattice top could be dangerous. A small container fell over, and the soy sauce sprayed down near our feet. We were glad no one was hit.

Dog Sadie was right there with us, tied to a handicap sign. She caught a wasp which stung her, and then she wanted to be in the car. After we ate, Rose brought her back out where we could enjoy her. She wasn’t there when I took pictures, but I got a fairly good shot of the siblings, Lise and John $.

The day was sunny and warm, and we were comfortable in the shade of the covered area. No other people came to eat, so we sat back and enjoyed talking together for quite a while. This was the last of the sibling reunions, and they made the most of it. We wished Kate could have been with us, but she was home and back at work after her vacation.

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      1. Ouch! Council Point Park is not a dog park, but there is a guy who walks his dog there every day. It’s a big dog and he has it on a leash, but drops the leash so it can chase the squirrels and geese (much to my chagrin with the squirrels as they stay up in the tree the rest of the time I’m there). So last year I was taking photos of wasps on some rotting apples that fell from an apple tree and he came along and said several wasps had stung his dog on the face and he had a lot of swelling.


    1. Daughter Kate drove from NJ to visit us, about 750 miles. She was here a week and went home. Lise lives in Denmark and will fly home on Tuesday. She is a permanent resident and should be allowed back in the country, despite being American.

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      1. Oh that’s wonderful they could still visit. I was asking because my friend is unable to travel to visit her boyfriend in Denmark this summer


  1. What a perfect last meal together. Nice to see brother and sister. I´m the oldest in the family and the youngest of my three brothers is 16 years younger than me. But we are very close.


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