Logan’s Exuberance

Neighbor Shawn had her hip replaced, and she was back home less than 24 hours after the surgery. I was stunned and thrilled that it was so very quick. Logan (10) stayed with us while Bob picked her up. We didn’t know exactly when things were happening, so we walked to the creek. That’s where we were when Bob called from Sorrell’s (service station on the highway). He brought Logan to us at the fire station, and the fun began. As we started up the steep hill, Logan ran ahead, skipping and twisting in the air. I asked for a repeat to share with everyone.

Logan began to jump the ditch, and the ditch petered out before Logan did.

He had a ball of glow-in-the-dark slime in his hand, and he repeatedly threw it high in the air and caught it. His luck ran out near the top of the steep hill, and the slime landed a short way down a ravine. He could see it and knew he could get it, but it was in a brier patch! Thorny wild rose bushes snagged his clothes and scratched his arms and legs. I tried to suggest ways for John to help him, but he retrieved the ball all by himself. I was impressed that when he lost the ball, he took responsibility for the accident, planned a way to get it back, and did it alone. What a boy! I will also add that this spot scares me. I walk in the middle of the road there, because the slant of the pavement and my trifocals make me feel like I could roll into the deep ravine and never be able to climb out. Logan is responsible, resourceful, and BRAVE!

After breakfast Logan launched himself on the exercise bike. I recorded it about the third time he did it, very impressed that he got on from the rear.

Logan’s energy never flagged. I think if I were his mother, I’d need two naps a day and three on Sunday.

I prefer to write about upbeat, happy things, but we all know life has somber moments. While Bob was getting Shawn from the hospital, they got the news that his brother died in Florida. He had battled cancer for some time, and today was the day he was called to his eternal home in heaven. For those of you who pray, would you please pray for peace and strength for this loving Christian family? Thank you.

57 thoughts on “Logan’s Exuberance

  1. Life has its ups and downs for sure. How wonderful to have Logan in your life to brighten your day. I hope all goes well for the recovery. The family is in my thoughts and prayers as they deal with the loss of a brother. xo


  2. Sad about Bob’s brother. It must be so hard to lose a sibling! 😦
    Logan is an amazing kid, so much energy – I’m sure he does really well in phys ed (gym?) and will be quite an athlete!


  3. Oh! The times we are living in don’t help the situation of dealing with family death. My cousin’s son has just recently passed from a rare form of cancer and she and her husband have been out there for several weeks to ‘help out’. Where???Portland Org. of all places. It has been terrible.
    Prayers for us all!


  4. First, sorry to hear of Bob’s brother’s passing … a very stressful time for Bob with Shawn’s recovery and assuming he won’t be able to go to the funeral in Florida. I am amazed that a big surgery like a hip replacement would have the patient released within 24 hours. My mom’s first hip replacement had her in the hospital for three weeks and the second hip replacement, (actually called a hip revision and a more difficult operation due to complications), had her home 10 days post-surgery. I took vacation and personal time and we had a difficult time managing her lack of mobility – she should have gone to step-down first. Shawn is lucky that Logan is there for time off from school for “fetching” this and that until she gets 100% on her feet again. Logan sure is a bundle of energy … his twist seemed, from my perspective, he would be landing in that ditch and Bob would be dealing with two patients!


    1. The day Shawn came home, she was sitting on the porch with son Benji and his family. Bob said it was a full hip replacement.

      Logan was in the ditch several times, but it was dry. He has been jumping everything in sight since we first knew him six years ago.

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      1. That’s just amazing to me Anne. My mom had underlying orthopedic issues and that was back in 1990, so that is probably why, but still … I’m amazed. Logan might be in school sports when he gets older if he’s that athletic now.


          1. Knees are tougher to get back on your feet. I have known two people who had knee replacement in recent years and both have had a tough time, and both are still in pain and on meds or some type of PT. Maybe Shawn is a quick healer.


  5. It sounded like a great afternoon with Logan. He does seem very energetic and brave, always up for play time all day. Sounds like the thick bushes didn’t scare him at all.

    Sorry to hear Bob’s brother passed away. Hope the family sticks together through this time. Also hope your neighbour is recovering well after hip surgery. That really was quick.


    1. Logan is usually ready for fun, but he also pitches in to help his folks.

      Bob’s family has strong faith. I haven’t seen Shawn yet, but Bob says she is doing very well. I couldn’t believe how short a stay she had in the hospital.


      1. I am sure Logan will give you an entertaining afternoon again at some point, Anne. Best wishes to Shawn and may she rest well at home. Home is always the best place to be.


        1. We always enjoy Logan’s visits. John plays checkers with him, and Logan is beginning to win about half the games. Another activity is batting a balloon about. It’s good exercise for us as Logan runs circles around us. You are right. Home is there best place to be.


          1. Logan is very smart to learn to play checkers. Maybe soon he will win all the games with John. Exercise is always good and many more energetic times with Logan. Stay safe, Anne 🙂


    1. I’m sorry I dropped you off a cliff at the end of the post. Bob’s brother knew he was at the end of his life and was prepared to die peacefully. The brothers saw each other only a week or so before the end. Christians have a different view of death from other people.


  6. Anne, prayers first of all. Death is an inevitable fact of life, but no one really likes it even though as Christians, we know that the person is now with God in Heaven. Loved your upbeat videos and post about Logan too. I recall after a knee replacement surgery in group PT that a woman was walking back and forth with ease while holding on to railings on both sides of the walkway. I commented how impressed I was at her recovery. When she told me that she had had hip replacement surgery less than 24 hrs. prior, my jaw dropped in amazement. She was going home that day or the next. Bless you and your neighbors. Be safe and well. oxox


  7. Wow, I had no clue how quickly people get out of the hospital these days following hip surgery. 24 hrs. is amazingly fast. My thoughts are Bob and his family.


  8. We will be praying for your husband, you and their family. I’m thankful you had such an adventurous and fun filled day before you received the news. I believe sometimes the Lord allows times of refreshment and joy settle in before the storms blow in to help you remember the goodness with the tears. … And I do believe I would need a nap, too. Oh, wait. I did when our oldest was that age because he was full of energy just like this! 😂 Prayers for you all! 💕


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