The Egg and the Angel

When returning from our morning walk, we chatted with Shawn and Bob as they sat on their front porch. They laughed as they pointed out an angel among their plants.

When questioned, Logan (10) said he had nothing to do with it. If Logan was not the prankster, who was? Could it have been neighbor Holly, who comes over frequently? I find it hard to believe that she would raid her own refrigerator before going next door. Would neighbors Dawn or Jeff have put the egg there? Using the Holly-logic, I doubt it. That seems to leave chicken Ariel. I have published a photo of Ariel attending Bible study on that porch, so we know she wanders at will during the day. It’s not chickenly possible for her to lay the egg there. Just perhaps, Ariel laid an egg on one of the neighbor’s property, and the nameless, blameless neighbor placed it near the home where it belonged.

Does anyone else have a theory about how the angel came to hold the egg?

31 thoughts on “The Egg and the Angel

  1. Perhaps it is just a miracle of unknown origin, meant to give us a respite from all the tragedy of late…That in spite of all that, there are still joys to be found which we cannot explain?

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  2. Well, Anne, miracles are more enticing. So let the miracle be part of your family stories.
    Our minds will think, a neighbour or a little trickster in the family.
    Either way it is a delight and a wonderful photograph.



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