Grandsons 20 Years Ago

I’ve been looking at my letters written in England 40 years ago and decided to see what was happening 20 years ago. I found one of my favorite photos of grandsons David and Nathaniel. In the year 2000, David was patiently holding the bottle for Nathaniel. These days, the roles would be reversed. Nate would be baking a cake for David.

36 thoughts on “Grandsons 20 Years Ago

      1. I think Logan will get a kick out it as he hangs out with both David and Nathaniel when he’s at your house. That’s early – is it a parochial school? Our parochial schools start earlier here – things are still up in the air here though. I think all the schools should be online for all states right now. We are lower than some states but still have daily deaths.


          1. That makes sense … my great-grandfather had the farm, not a terribly big farm, but when the hay came in, my grandparents would take their vacation those two weeks in August, to go help bring in the crops and canning season was busy so my grandmother stayed inside and helped her mother “put up” produce for jams, tomatoes, etc. That happened for years as I udnerstood it.


                  1. Yes, probably when they got machines to do it? Imagine them plowing by hand, with an oxen and wooden plow around their neck, replaced by a machine. A cause to rejoice for sure!


                    1. And if you didn’t need that big of a machine, easier to pick by hand. Now they have equipment that is operated off a tablet, everything is computerized and digitized. I listened to a farmer being interviewed on a talk show a few years ago and he told about how he can water, plant, cultivate, etc. and keep track of crops … it was amazing.

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    1. They have a special relationship. They are half-brothers who grew up in separate households, but they saw each other regularly. I think they are closer than siblings who see each other constantly.


        1. Nathaniel says nothing has been decided yet about opening the campus. He is living in a dorm this summer because he works as a student advisor for a dorm complex. An office on campus has told him to leave three times, and each time his boss goes to them to say he is required to be there because of his job. Nobody seems to know anything definitive.


  1. Anne, an adorable photo of the two grandchildren … I love how Nate is looking so intently at his older brother! A special and loving bond between them both is evident! Have you shown this picture to them recently? What did they say?


    1. David saw the photo and smiled about it. I should have asked if he remembered holding the bottle for his brother. Nathaniel is very busy working on campus this summer. I doubt he has seen it, and we haven’t talked to him in several weeks.

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