Fun is Where you Find It

Son John $ and grandson David like to play Backgammon on a phone. I had them in a captive pose when they folded themselves into chairs. Not to be left out, Sadie brought a toy and enjoyed David’s divided attention.

After church and lunch, we used our annual passes to go to the grounds of Biltmore. John knew the trains were running in Antler Village and might not be available next month. I’d call this equal opportunity fun, something for everyone. The fellows liked the setting for the trains and enjoyed watching them move. I enjoyed seeing the trains running among the plantings.

Has low-key fun found you lately?

36 thoughts on “Fun is Where you Find It

  1. It’s all been low key fun this year. Tomorrow is hubby’s birthday and I’m baking a chocolate cake for him. We have invited two sets of dog walking neighbours over, with their canine pals so Dot will have fun too.

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  2. I’m all about low-key fun. 🙂 Keep it simple is my motto. My 4 year old grandson is really into trains right now. He has several trains and tracks and watches shows about them. He even went for a train ride earlier this year at Greenfield Village.

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  3. I can see how there is something for everyone here – the plantings are nice and I like how the trains wind around them. I’ve never played backgammon, but I think I have mentioned that I like to play Solitaire on the computer. It is relaxing and good for your brain. Plus it’s good mouse practice. 🙂


  4. I learned how to mouse click faster by playing Solitaire. Our I.T. recommended doing that as I didn’t click down hard enough. I’ve never played the word unscramble, but have played jigsaw puzzles on line – you can pick how many pieces and difficulty and that’s fun. Today I heard that Windows 95 arrived 25 years ago today. We thought we were pretty cool playing “Elf Bowling” at Christmas time. This is my favorite Solitaire site as it goes faster and the cards are easier to read … for me anyway.


      1. We never had Windows at work until just before Y2K – the Firm was afraid our system would crash. We were on a Unix-based system and on dummy terminals, but no internet. If they’d known Y2K would not wreak havoc, they likely would not have moved to Windows. I never got my first computer until a month after Y2K – I too feared the destruction of rolling over to the new millennium could bring.


          1. Yes, the experts had all the dire predictions. Our neighbors asked if they could come to our house if something happened as they had no basement. I said to my mom “what’s going to happen they need to shelter in place in the basement?”


  5. Love the plants! It is nice to see the boys enjoying themselves. I love your term low-key fun. I suppose this is anything that brings me a smile in a day, like the cats, new leaves, and nice tea. Thank you for making me think about them actually.


  6. Low-key fun? Hmm. Does the solo game MahJong count? It’s fun; very relaxing, I can ‘zone out’ while playing. Also fun blogging, Facebook, etc. etc. We tried ‘HIGH-key’ fun on Thursday, and my legs were still hurting up until yesterday, in response! Went to a street festival, bus, metro, LOTS of walking, my poor legs just weren’t used to it. Okay now, though. 🙂


  7. I agree with those that say low key fun is the fun of today’s world. I’m super enjoying walks in the woods as the beginning of season changes occur. Walking a trail regularly makes one heightened to change. A turkey feather that wasn’t there yesterday, a new fallen tree, animal prints, color changes on leaves, etc.


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