Peanut Butter on the Wall

The title should be How to Bathe a Dog, but that would turn off people who have/will never own a dog. Son John $pencer spoke of giving Sadie a bath, and I wondered why he didn’t dread it. He said, “It’s easy. I put peanut butter on the wall.”

Sadie rolled in something smelly in our yard, making her socially unacceptable. I asked to observe the cleaning routine. $ smeared peanut butter on the tub wall before whistling for Sadie, and she trotted in eagerly. She didn’t struggle a bit as he lifted her into the tub. If she noticed when he rubbed in the dog shampoo and rinsed her off, she never let on.

I presume the trick is to know how quickly your dog will clean the wall. Of course, it would also be good to know whether the pet likes peanut butter. If you have used the p-butter method, please let me know if it worked for you. If you had a disaster, I will consider removing this post for the good of mankind and best friends.

43 thoughts on “Peanut Butter on the Wall

  1. Oh man…never thought of that, but I’m going to try it pronto. Our little guy has threatened to take my arm off (in pieces). He’s small, but ferocious!

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  2. This is brilliant. Bet it makes Sadie even want a bath 🙂 While I never did that, our veterinarian used to smush dog treats onto the table when giving our dog shots. She was so busy eating the treats, she never noticed.


  3. I was unaware of any dog that does not like peanut butter. 🙂
    Our GS dog Rex used to go jump in the tub on his own when he wanted a bath–he loved water! Rand says we must have the only labs in the world who hate water.


  4. Haha! We saw a similar idea wherein the person giving the bath tied a plastic bag around her forehead as a ‘hat’ and slathered peanut butter on the front of it. So as she gave her doggie a bath it was licking enthusiastically at the stuff on the bag on her forehead! Lol! Some people are so inventive!


  5. What a terrific Original idea! 😀 One happy pooch and sparkling clean without even noticing the shampoo! Now, as others have mentioned, we need something similar for cats! I used to get scratched badly and my cat was always most indignant about needing a shower/bath!


  6. Yep, That will work. Mary Agnes and the Rooster, just 2 days ago saw the movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon.” It was one of those lift you up type movies, much needed in these conflicting times. Highly rated in our minds. such as they are. Our best to all!


  7. Yes on the dust. Today is the Bride’s Birthday and we will be getting together at daughter Kathryn’s new home for a meal of chicken or Pork Chops. Mary Agnes shall make her famous Scalloped Potatoes. The groom had his birthday last week.


  8. I was visiting my daughter one time and she asked me to help trim her dogs nails. My job was to hold the plate that was smeared with peanut butter while she trimmed his nails. The dog never even knew she was trimming his nails. 🙂
    Our dogs have always been good about taking baths.


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