Not Alone??

Few things are more delicious than taking a Sunday afternoon nap. We huddled in our jackets at outdoor church, ate a wonderful lunch at Fatz, and enjoyed the mountain scenery on the way home. Surely there was no better way to digest it all than to sleep for half an hour. I woke refreshed and turned off the alarm with 10 seconds before it would have rung. With eyes shut, I savored the moment.

I had the feeling I wasn’t alone. John was at his computer in the next room, and grandson David and son John $pencer were somewhere in the house. If they had come in my open door, they would have either tiptoed out or spoken to me. I didn’t hear anything and didn’t see anything, but I felt a presence. I moved an inch or so and found Sadie lying against me, as still as could be. What a surprise! I didn’t think she could get up on the bed. We had changed the mattress and springs to taller ones, and a topper added a few more inches. Evidently I slept through her great leap and her walking on the bed. It was marvelous that she didn’t nudge me or try to wake me up. From the hall, David saw the dog and came in. Sadie decided it was play time and tried to lick every inch of my arm. That got me up quickly! David saw Sadie jump off the bed, turn around, and take a standing leap back on it. I’ll never be alone for a nap again unless I shut the door.

Outdoor church looked like this a few weeks ago. Today there were more jackets being worn.

41 thoughts on “Not Alone??

  1. Be very thankful Sadie can jump…and quietly so. When our little guy lost the use of his back legs he quickly adapted to yapping – LOUDLY for the butler to pick him up and deposit him wherever he so desires. There’s no such thing as an uninterrupted nap around here!

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  2. What a cool way to worship and still be with others! I wish we could do something like that here, instead, we watch online services. I’m glad Sadie didn’t wake you from your nap, yet kept you company. 🙂

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    1. Our church tapes a service every Tuesday to be streamed on Sunday. John and David have helped with that for weeks. On Sunday we are having people in the sanctuary at 8:30, outdoors at 10:30, and in the gym for praise and worship at 11:15. It has worked well, though we will have to move inside when the weather gets cold.

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      1. We are still not allowed back to church yet, while other churches are back to normal. We have to watch it from home but at least we figured out how to hook it up to our tv. 😊


            1. Finally, I actually know a person by sight from church who caught the COVID-19 virus! He has had a very light case, and his parents and two brothers have not caught it yet. He is the first person I’ve known who has had it, and I don’t really know him. In our whole county, there have been only 27 deaths, and they were in nursing homes.

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              1. We know some people who had it and thankfully recovered. But who’s to say it wasn’t the flu. They are labeling everything COVID. The same amount of elderly die in nursing homes from the flu every year and no one is stopping the country over it. None of this makes sense imo.
                I just wasn’t normal again.


  3. Sadie moved stealthily to catch 40 winks with you … the bed looked inviting as did the nap to Sadie. I’ve had a mid-day nap over 4th of July weekend when we have 4-5 long nights of fireworks going off until the wee hours of the morning. This year, we had fireworks on September 5th and 6th allowed, so people went to town.

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      1. Your neighborhood definitely has more brains than ours! They never shot off fireworks until our last Governor permitted the sale of fireworks to get revenue for Michigan instead of people crossing over into Ohio to buy them. That was about five years ago and it’s been like that ever since.

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  4. Alice is still banished from the bedroom at night because she insists on biting my feet under the cover. Ouch. She may have gotten the message, I’ve awakened at night to see her watching me from the window sill or the foot of the bed.

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  5. Fireworks! Our town fireworks put on by the fire department is miles away, so not very loud. Not so a neighbor just over the southern city line that does not only fireworks, but also gun range shooting all year around; not allowed in our city, but neighboring areas allow shooting. My inside cats don’t mind it, but some of the outside/semi-feral cats that live next door are terrified at loud explosions. Some of the neighbor’s munitions can’t possibly be allowed anywhere. 😦

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