Sadie Speaks

I was proud of myself for sitting by the side of the road when GrAnne told me to. The grandsons call her Gran, but she’s GrAnne to me. I like to put a little growl at the beginning of her name. They say, “SADIE! CAR! SIT!” I don’t know how to car-sit, but I’ve figured out they are pleased if I sit down when a car goes by.

Today I sneaked in GrAnne’s room before she got out of bed, and I settled down in the recliner.

Why on earth was she doing getting down on the floor? That’s my territory!

Was she sick? I touched her face with my paw.

She told me it was OK, that she was doing her stretch and exercise routine. I tried to lick her face to show my approval. She recoiled and said “Eyywwww.”

I decided it might be best if I supervised her from a distance.

In a little while she was on her feet where she belongs, and we walked to the creek. I looked for the squirrel I jumped at yesterday, but it was hiding. John and GrAnne wondered why I pulled so hard the last quarter of the walk. I wanted to get home to breakfast. They haven’t realized yet that food is more important to me than it is to them!

46 thoughts on “Sadie Speaks

  1. Yeah, I understand Sadie. Humans just don’t get the importance of a good meal sometimes. That and squirrels sometimes need to be taught a lesson. Just keep training them. They would be lost without us.


      1. Maybe, maybe not. They’re bigger than squirrels and I like to chase things much smaller than myself. I do like to watch them through the windows. We have a few that play in our yard. Sadie seems nice.


  2. What a good girl you are Sadie – Sitting when a car goes by and allowing GrAnne to do her exercise. You’re smart too – you learned GrAnne’s name so well. I bet you would learn mine quickly too. 🙂
    P.S. You’re also a good blogger.


  3. That was cute! If Sadie could really speak, she might suggest that you do your stretches on your bed instead of the floor! Then it wouldn’t be so hard to get up (and you might not get licked in the face!) Sadie is adorable btw!!


    1. That’s a good suggestion for a normal dog, but Sadie would jump on my high bed. During the day now, I heap a bolster, throw, and pillows on both edges of the bed to keep her off. We are battling fleas, so you can understand why I don’t want her on the bed.

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      1. Oh yes! Sorry, I had no idea. I just know how hard it is for me to get up off the floor , so I do my stretches in bed and then my stand up neck exercises once I get up and again in the late afternoon. It’s not much, but I find it helps my neck and shoulders after being on the computer for hours at a time.


        1. When I was a puppy, a college student adopted me and kept me in her dorm room in Tennessee. Rose adopted me next, and she understood I needed lots of exercise. I’ve lived in TN and NC all my life. That’s why I call you Miss Linda.

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          1. I am glad Rose adopted you Sadie – what a shame that a rambunctious pup like yourself was forced to stay in a dorm room all day. People from the South are polite and genuine and I loved visiting the South. I always addressed my elders as Miss, Mrs. or Mr. when I was a young pup, even as an old pup though most are gone now. The Northern dogs are snooty and yappy – you would shake your head at them Sadie.


    1. Wow! Most wild cats never come close to humans.

      Sadie knows what she can get away with. When she plays, she is almost wild, bouncing off walls and furniture. However, she is most obedient when we sit at the table. She knows she will get a tidbit or be given a plate to lick if she lies down on the floor.


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