England 40 Years Ago — October 8, 1980

[Written by John to fill in the gap while I spent time with my parents.]

Just a quick note to let you know that all is well over here. Anne has been busy with her folks. We have enjoyed visiting with them.

Last weekend we did a considerable amount of traveling. On Saturday we went to Dover, Deal and Canterbury. On Sunday, after going to St. Mary’s, we went to Leeds Castle.

From a distance, we watched the hovercraft come and go from Dover. [There was no tunnel under the English Channel back them.]

Here is a side view of Leeds Castle.

Leeds Castle

Lisa seems to be doing very well in school – doing double duty on French and also taking Latin. Kate is not doing quite as well in adjusting. She is now in Form I, with kids more her own age level – but she constantly talks of tummy aches. So, we will have to watch her and give her extra help.

Fall fell last night – temp about 45 degrees at night and 55 degrees by day. Just had a tremendous storm with winds up to 86 mph, but today promises to be nice.

28 thoughts on “England 40 Years Ago — October 8, 1980

    1. I’ve written letters since I went to college, so my history of writing is fairly long. John hated writing — he is left-handed and can’t spell. However, he began to write a Christmas letter to be included with our Christmas cards when we were first married. He has been faithful, writing a one-page letter to sum up the past year. Any number of people commented on his being the writer in the family. We both find it amusing that his one page a year far out-shines my constant barrage of words.


  1. Enjoyed this one! I didn’t note that it was written by John, and thought, “this must be an outline that Anne wrote because she was in a hurry!” Then noted it was by John. Laughed, reread and thoroughly enjoyed the second time around. and the pictures were great!
    Thanks, John, well done.


    1. John is known as the writer in our family based on a one-time note like this one and the annual Christmas letter. It has taken me 50 years to understand that our audience appreciates brevity above all else.


  2. Um, nice, nice castle, but not quite as descriptive and funny as usual. Definitely, a different person writing from a different perspective. Gets the job done. No-nonsense. Still glad to read it. Thanks


      1. Nothing wrong with no-nonsense, just prefer a little flair with the facts, that’s all. Still good though. Glad he helps out, not all humans will step in like that. He’s a keeper.


    1. Background: John was the one who kept a copy of the letters from England. Without his historian’s part, none of us would be reading them now.

      I peeked ahead, and Kate felt much better when she was put with children in a lower grade. She was a slow developer.


  3. Reminds me of when my husband was on loan to a company in another state for a few months and our phone conversations. I could have talked to him for hours, but he was/is not a “phone talker” so our conversations (sprinkled with loving affection) were short, concise, and to the point.


      1. Now he can show you what he sees in Tennessee. I think my flip phone has a camera, but I’ve not looked at it – when I briefly had the smartphone, until it dropped messages and calls and was out of memory, I did take one picture, but that was it.

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