Goodbye, Sadie

Sadie, Rose’s dog, has gone to live with Rose in Tennessee. Oh! How quiet the house is! We have no barky alert when someone comes down the street. There is no auto-vacuum in the kitchen or under the dining table. We miss our walking partner on a leash.

Sadie’s favorite place in the bedroom was the recliner. She spent hours there while I wrote and read blogs. Whenever I stood up, I’d pet her, and she’d squirm around so that I could scratch her tummy.

She is no happier being photographed than the rest of the family.

Today the shams are back in place on the bed. Several weeks ago I was surprised and pleased that Sadie jumped on the bed and took a nap with me. I barricaded her after that, because I didn’t want fleas in the bed. You see, I gave Sadie fleas. A couple of weeks before she came to stay, I saw a flea jump from the counter in the bathroom. I must have brought it and its family in from the garden. We vacuumed more often than usual, but the fleas loved catching a ride on Sadie. If we find more fleas, we’ll use a spray, which I didn’t want to use with the dog in the house.

Sadie barricades in place

This is my favorite photo of son John $pencer with Sadie. They had been playing hard, and he held her for a minute to calm her down. We both petted her a lot the days before she left.

I missed our morning routine. When I was dressed for walking, I’d say Sadie’s name softly outside $’s door. In two seconds, I’d hear her feet hit the floor and would open the door to let her out. She’d go straight to the front door and wait for me to attach her leash.

Hello CAT As we walked toward the bend in the road, John wondered how long it would take the cat to come out again. Twice she came nervously to the top of her driveway as John held Sadie a distance away. It had been weeks since we’d seen her. Today she jumped out of bushes and ran over to greet us. We call her CAT. She has a fancy name given her by neighbor Warren’s daughter, but Warren calls her CAT. I say it in a softer tone of voice. She loved the petting and walked along with us until something prompted her to hunt in the woods. I took a quick photo, because she is not one to pose for me. She seems to have forgiven us for walking Sadie.


Rose sent $ a video of Sadie meeting her grandson Easton. The three-month-old sat on the floor next to Sadie. The baby reached out his hand as Sadie sniffed him and licked his hand. They are off to a good start. Good girl, Sadie!

39 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sadie

    1. We had cats years ago and enjoyed them. I had two weeks off a year, so we were real stay-at-homes. Now is a time to be free, not tied down by pets. We have friends who have said out loud that they are waiting for their dogs to die. It’s hard for them to find anyone to care for the dogs when they want to go away. Boarding them would be too expensive.

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    1. I enjoyed having Sadie here. My dad had hunting dogs when I was growing up, but this was the first time I’ve lived with a dog in the house. Sadie was well-trained, though we never broke her of jumping on people.

      Do you have pets? I would think not, since you were used to traveling.


      1. I am happy you enjoyed your time with her. We have the three strays that decided to stay here when we moved in. They stay in the garden though, sometimes sit on the balcony. They bring us a lot of joy.


  1. At first I thought something happened to Sadie. Glad she’s fine. Too bad about fleas. I’ve been fortunate not to have had problems with fleas on my pets except once in Alabama and ticks Colorado never any, a tick rarely, though there were some. Those I’d find on me after a hike. Same in California, just one incidence of fleas and lots of ticks on Ferguson, never Chloe. Go figure. I never sprayed but I did use the drops on their neck in California and Alabama. I hope you can get rid of them. I think if you sprinkle clove powder all around, it helps.


  2. Well, I’m sorry to read this as I enjoyed the Sadie stories and all the pictures of David, Logan and Sadie plus her walking with or being near you and John. Sadie’s already made friends with Easton – that’s a good thing.


      1. Yes she was. When we visited my grandmother and aunt, I was enamored with her dog, having had those three dogs, but they were not around long and not so smart as I alluded to. But Pache was an institution in the neighborhood. I took him for multiple walks while we was there and if it was nice weather and kids were out playing or neighbors were outside, even on the next block, everyone knew him and came over to give him a pat and talk to him. My Aunt had a birthday party every year for him and invited the neighborhood kids for cake/ice cream.


          1. Yes, I wish I had a picture of him – she took some photos with the kids and he had a balloon in his mouth. He liked balloons and she’d blow them up and he’d carry them around by the part you knotted shut. He rarely broke them, but never played with them, carried them around. He was the kind of dog I wished we had. He had a dishpan of toys and he’d go get one, play with it, put it back, grab another one. My aunt said “don’t leave your toys around” – she took the squeakers out because people would visit my grandmother and Frances and bring a squeaky toy for Pache. My aunt took the squeaker out when the guest left. 🙂 He was special.

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