Autumn Items

We are beginning to have colorful trees near our home, but I haven’t found an arresting view yet. I stopped to take a photo of a burning bush we pass on our walk. This is the first year I noticed it has red berries. The leaves are getting redder and should be more dramatic in a few days.

Our one little rosebush was valiantly hanging on, keeping as much color as it could.

I didn’t notice the clematis bloom until I was pulling creeping thyme from a border. This plant produced two or three mediocre flowers in the spring and saved up all its strength to produce this stunner.

I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons wherever you are.

16 thoughts on “Autumn Items

  1. Keep us posted on the colorful changes in your neck of the woods! Ours are just beginning to change, but I wonder if it’ll all go to brown next week when a winter storm moves through Monday through Wednesday. It never fails… it just starts to look beautiful with color and then BAM, dismal rain, sleet and snow move in and it’s over in the blink of an eye!


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