Storm’s End and Flooding

We had rain and some gusty winds from former hurricane Zeta. As we waited for the storm to end, I spotted rainbows while sitting at the computer. The first one was brilliant, although the photo does not show it well. Grandson David came running to see it, and son John $pencer saw it from his room.

About an hour later I looked up, and there was a flattened rainbow. It looked like a giant had stepped on it. Clouds coming between us and the sun erased it momentarily. We played peek-a-boo for several minutes.

Flattened rainbow in center of photo

David had a rare day off, so he, John, and I went out for lunch and drove to Sunburst Falls. We had never seen the stream so full of water. Most impressive! For comparison, on the left there is a photo taken in December of 2019 with Lise and David on the rocks. The current photo on the right shows David with the swollen stream.

Below is a zoomed shot of David and the rushing torrent.

The end of the day was gorgeous with blue skies and fluffy clouds. The flooding? That would be moonlight flooding into the bedroom in the middle of the night, enough to cast shadows!

42 thoughts on “Storm’s End and Flooding

  1. Zeta has finally left us alone, too–with sunlight and blue skies for the first time in days. The rainbow is lovely, even the flat one! 🙂
    I am always just a tiny bit sobered at the power of water, and you can even see the movement in the photographs. Nice work for a pleasant day with family.

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          1. I did mitigate it with outside drainage so hopefully the new owners weren’t as troubled as I was. The previous owners had finished off a room downstairs with carpeting. What were they thinking?


    1. David has climbed on those rocks at the waterfall every time we go there. He has been very careful. There were places he wouldn’t go this last time, because the rocks were wet. I hope he continues to be cautious.

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    1. I presume the different arcs of the rainbows had to do with the angle of the sun on the rain. We had a fair bit of rain that raised the level of the creek, but there was no flooding here from the hurricane. Even the wind was not as strong as predicted. We secured things on the porches, but nothing was moved by the wind.


  2. Every time I see one of your rainbows I struggle to remember the last time I was lucky enough to view one and I know I didn’t have the view you have here. And I never knew of the flattened rainbow either. The swollen stream is incredible … all the rain from Hurricane Zeta made for an incredible comparison for us to see.

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