Last Fling

The last four days of daughter Lise’s visit were full of activities. We picked up grandson Nathaniel from college and ate dinner on the way home.

It was after midnight when we did the mirror ritual.

Lise, John, Nathaniel, and David watch the mirror go up.

The next afternoon Lise went in the airport to meet niece Chrissie while John and I made a loop around the area. They took a selfie with Santa in the terminal.

The younger generations took a walk, which was a good antidote for lots of sitting the previous hours. This is Chrissie’s selfie at the creek.

Chrissie, David, Nathaniel, and Lise

Chrissie took a photo of Lise that I would call “Cavorting at the Creek”.

In the evening we began to work a jigsaw puzzle. This was a special family puzzle that dear friend Linda ordered for us. She used photos we took at our family reunion last summer and had a puzzle made from them. There is nothing like putting your own face together if you can find the pieces!

Chrissie, Lise, David, and Nathaniel

Of course, conversation never flagged.

To be continued.

33 thoughts on “Last Fling

    1. Chrissie has gone home, but your name came up when she was here. She mentioned an engagement, and I exclaimed that I must have missed it. I’m behind on WordPress. She then thought maybe there hadn’t been an announcement. I thought it was amazing that she remembered we are blog friends.

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      1. Hmm, with my terrible memory, I’m not even sure if I wrote anything about it, but perhaps my daughter, Kathryn told her! You know they’re work teammates. 😀 So we are waiting to set a date, probably post-vaccine shots… sigh.


  1. Hail, hail the gang’s all here! How lucky you are to have so many of your family members home to celebrate Thanksgiving and Chrissie added to the mix this year. I’m sure the time flew by while they were here – it does not seem possible that Thanksgiving was two weeks ago already! The adage of too many cooks spoil the broth, does not apply to too many fingers scrambling to put together a puzzle.


      1. You are welcome Anne. I think it is the perfect gift for you and your family as you are all so close and for everyone to have a hand in putting it together (maybe even their own faces) is even more special.


              1. Thank you for all the nice things you have said Anne. I am happy to do it and see in your family members, a perfect family/extended family, something I may have been part of as a youngster, but then the wheels came off. 🙂 At least I had my grandmother and mother. But, because I had no siblings and did not marry, as you know, it is just me … seeing your family get-togethers makes me realize just how much I have missed.


                  1. Well, that is true … when I was younger. I think education and traveling are transient experiences, but experiences that help make you a more-rounded person down the road. Post high school was a lot of new experiences and I met many nice people and did things that in high school only the “cool kids” (i.e. the kids who were in the same cliques) got to do, like the newspaper, student government and National Model United Nations. My parents encouraged me to travel before I settled down and had a family – well I’m glad I listened to them about the traveling part. Blogging has become a rich experience for me in many ways as well.

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