Jumping into Christmas

John brought out Christmas mugs, dishes, and ornaments while daughter Lise was still here. The day after she left, he put up the tree and decorated it. We have never had such a lightning-quick transformation, and I doubt the record will ever be broken. This activity did not violate the unwritten rule of waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin Christmas.

It is unproven, but I suspect he wanted everything in place before December guests arrived. Church friends Susan and Martha came for lunch. Being in the “risk” category for COVID-19, we didn’t come near each other, and they wore masks except while eating. Time will tell if we were careful enough. It was delightful to have unhurried conversation instead of brief greetings and distant waves.

Susan and Martha

We have been extremely blessed to be able to see family and neighbors during lock-down. Just for laughs, here is a photo of irrepressible Logan using chocolate or nuts to enhance his appearance.

28 thoughts on “Jumping into Christmas

    1. The tree is live, although it is dying now. It would take you a LONG time to bat every ornament off. John puts hundreds of them on the tree. About 50 years ago, our cat Thor climbed up the tree and knocked it over. We didn’t have the collection of ornaments that we have now.

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      1. back than the ornaments broke very easily! I saw a cute picture. It was a reflection of a cat about to bat a ornament with the caption “The last image a ornament will see”! and those fine glass shards usually found themselves into someones foot.
        A nice tall tree Annie. What kind of tree is it?


        1. That picture sounds like fun.

          I have no idea what type of tree we have. I’ll try to remember to ask John if he knows. Whatever it is, it’s the usual choice for a Christmas tree here. I was surprised to find we had something different where I grew up in Tennessee. I wasn’t interested in trees then, but I knew the branches and needles looked different.

          Do you have a Christmas tree? If so, what kind is it?

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  1. We chop down a tree every year. It’s a wonderful family tradition but also a lot of work hauling it in and decorating! The sight (and smell) make the effort worthwhile🎄. Yours is BEAUTIFUL!


  2. That’s a very big tree there – almost touching the ceiling. I remember you like a live tree as I saw photos of John and a few family members going to get it last year and it was too tall if memory serves me right. I like the sparkle of the swag in the background – is it live too? John makes a great job on the tree and last year I said “I will put up at least the ceramic tree” and did not. Next year and will take a photo to post.


      1. It looks very real. We bought some one year and got the lights for it to put on the fireplace (it is an electric fireplace but never has been used). My mom worried the lights might burn the “needles” so we didn’t use it. We gave the swag to Marge and she put it around her deck, then liked it so much, she got those white cone trees with lights and some reindeer … she lit it up she said for us – in those days she was never home. I wish I had pictures how it looked.

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  3. The tree looks gorgeous!

    John and I are terrified of getting this virus. We never have anyone over or visit friends. Everyone here is super-duper careful. I figure this’ll pass, and meanwhile we breathe easy… It’s just not worth it, when a person can be asymptomatic, and the virus can pass through the air as teensy aerosol particles…

    More and more cases here, deaths, hospitalizations, ICU patients… It’s even worse now than the first wave!

    So, new rules from now until mid-January is you cannot get together with groups indoors. Every workplace & school & store (nonessential) ordered shut. This ought to work. It worked in Australia, and in New Zealand. It should work here.

    We await the vaccine(s)!!!!

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