White Christmas!

A forecast of snow usually means nothing will fall from the sky. On Christmas Eve, the outdoor carol service was canceled because of rain. We went to the indoor service at 5:30 and left the church in heavy rain. A mile down the road, rain turned to sleet. A few minutes later the car was engulfed with blinding snow. John could tell where the road was, but no lines were visible. It was a tense drive. We came home to a lovely wintry scene.

Our house on Christmas Eve

Before we went to bed, a text came that the Christmas Day service had been canceled. We had a leisurely breakfast on Christmas morning. I wanted to begin the day photographically, because we were going to have no guests. As it turned out, this was the only picture of me from the whole day.

At noon my view of the mountains was clear. During the afternoon more clouds came, and we had a few snowflakes drifting down.

Roads were white on top and icy underneath. On a hunch, John checked with neighbor Shawn. Their children and grandchildren could not get here, so we would have a party after all! What might have been a humdrum meal was transformed into a real celebration. Their food, added to ours, made a proper feast. Spirits were high, and we enjoyed being together.

Accidental video with my raspy voice giving directions
Shawn, Bob, Logan, John $, John, David

John found our table fidget toys, magnets that we thought Logan might enjoy while adults droned on. He read a book, but Shawn built a nice tower as we all talked. Several times she turned it for me, and it fell down. The last time, I got the shot as she concentrated on turning it. Bob tried his hand at it, too.

As we continued to visit at the table, Logan settled in the living room to read a lovely short story I’d printed out for him. It was The Bright Lights of Christmas by blogger Darlene Foster. See her post here. Logan said he liked the story.

Logan rejoined us for the flaming of the Christmas pudding, our standard dessert since we lived in England 40 years ago. The fire didn’t show in my photo, but Logan was using a phone to record it. The thing that looks like a leaf sticking out of the top was part of the pattern of the table runner.

Logan asked for permission to bring over his big Christmas gift, a hover board. He showed it to us at the table and headed out the door. I ran for my winter coat, made sure the camera was in my pocket, and joined him on the street. He had amazing balance and could totally control it with his feet. I think this was the first time he had it outdoors.

I had to retreat to the warmth of the house on that cold, cold day. Logan came with me, stopping to look at the icicles that stretched from the car to the stones of the driveway. He is always very cooperative about posing for the camera.

When Shawn and Bob went home, John watched the movie Home Alone with Logan and grandson David. Sharing Christmas was a blessing for us and one we will remember vividly.

32 thoughts on “White Christmas!

  1. Always great to share your Christmas dinner with someone. Thanks for mentioning my story. I’m pleased Logan liked it. It always means a lot to me when a child likes my stories. We had Paul’s parents over for Christmas dinner and they enjoyed it. Take care. xo


  2. Beautiful Christmas snow! And I’m so glad you had special people to share it with. Logan’s balance is amazing. Hands in pocket and everything. Impressive!


  3. Lovely. We had a white Christmas too! It was the most beautiful I have ever seen. Logan looks like he had fun! I was scared seeing his hands in his pockets on that thing, how would he break his fall? But he didn’t even fall!


  4. How fun for you to have a White Christmas and it looks really cold and snowy there. You look so cheery in red and I think Christmas earrings. That’s the first time I heard your voice Anne. It is a big feast – how nice you could get together for the holidays and enjoy that food and plum pudding together.


      1. Ha ha – I remember asking you once if you retained your Tennessee southern accent or developed a New York accent plus you live in North Carolina. You said mostly Southern. A high school pal lives in Cary, North Carolina and moved there about 35 years ago. I think of her as being Cheryl from high school and she did a video on Facebook about how much snow they got and I marveled at her acquired Southern accent.


          1. My mom would not give up her Canadian pronunciation, nor spelling with “re” for “er” and “u” in words like “colour” for “color” plus the Canadian expressions of which there were many. I was teased at school, so didn’t use them, nor speak Oxford English which is what we learned, plus no contractions. It might be different now. People who live in Toronto, or go there all the time pronounce it “Tronno” not “Toronto” and sounding out each syllable. Torontonians always know newcomers or visitors.

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  5. What a great Christmas story and beautiful Currier & Ives type pictures of your yard and the mountains.

    So your churches are open ? No restrictions ?

    Ron Markus


    1. We might still have number restrictions, but attendance has fallen off so dramatically that it doesn’t impact us. Our church voluntarily closed services yesterday and next Sunday for fear of a post-Christmas rise in viral cases.

      What church restrictions do you have?


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