Disturbance in the Neighborhood

I was the disturbance in the neighborhood. David worked late, and the two Johns were in Tennessee. When I went out to get the mail, I smelled something awful. It was a chemical smell like nothing I had ever experienced before. Our common odors are liquid fertilizer applied to surrounding fields and the paper mill in Canton. This was far worse. Going back to the computer, I realized the smell was invading the bedroom. In fact, it was in every room, as well as on the porches and the deck. I texted four (yes, FOUR!) neighbors to ask them what they thought the smell was. Bless their hearts, all of them stepped outside and sniffed the air. They didn’t smell anything amiss.

Following is the message I sent to these wonderful neighbors:

“Thank you all very much for sniffing the air two days ago. Because I had a head cold, I went to bed early, not waiting up for David and the Johns to get home. I asked the first one up what he thought the smell was.

“Asking like I was a mental patient, he questioned, ‘Do you still smell it?’


“He said, ‘Well, there isn’t any bad smell here. The others didn’t smell anything, either.’

“A few hours later the odor in my head went away by itself. In all my born days, I never had anything like that before.”

Have any of you smelled something that no one else could, and did it go away by itself? I need company here!!!

58 thoughts on “Disturbance in the Neighborhood

  1. I have never experienced this, but my mother sometimes did. She had a very sensitive nose and would smell things no one else did, but only occasionally. It does seem unusual, unless it had something to do with your head cold.


  2. Likely, your cold was wreaking havoc on your sense of smell. If it makes you feel better, my family regularly laughs when I ask questions such as, “I smell gas. Does anyone else smell gas?” (and then I check the stove burners😄) There is an ongoing joke that I’m the only one who smells cigarette smoke a mile away. One of my kids bought a used car that I swore smelled like smoke and I have smelled it since the day she bought it. Sure enough, the previous owner was a smoker (but the rest of my family say they don’t smell it..?). I think people like you and I are just extra sensitive!😄

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  3. I too am a sensitive smeller! I can smell things no one else does. My biggest thing is the furnace filters, I know exactly when they need to be changed! I can spot a smoker miles off! I can smell them! Drives my hubs crazy, but I am always right! I have allergies too (I don’t even have to see or be near poison ivy to get it) and I get it sooooo bad, when I do, that I have to be hospitalized. I think the two are related, hyper sensitivities.


  4. Well gosh I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious like a gas leak or chemical spill but it must be frustrating for you not to know what it was. I hope you feel better soon.


  5. You are super anti-COVID. Others get that and lose smell. You prove you are just having a normal cold with super smell !!! Glad you are feeling better. What an odd occurrence.


  6. Phantosmia, yes. I trot into a room and smell food that isn’t there or sometimes a perfume. I chalk it up to ghosts messing with me but I would say yours is because of your sinuses. That or you’re being forewarned of an upcoming gas explosion somewhere. Take your pick. I would stick with the sinuses. Glad it was nothing and glad you have such great neighbors. I prescribe treats and a good nap. God bless.


  7. I too have smelled things that others can’t, but my superpower is hearing. Once I smelled gas, no one else did, but we called the fire dept. anyway. Good thing, we had a leak. Another time I smelled perfume, and another time I smelled smoke. I don’t recall anything outstanding about those times. Unfortunately, I can smell dead things when no one else seems to, which has led to some grisly discoveries, usually due to my very apt cat bringing me “presents” like the time I found a long-dead mouse under the buffet. 😦


  8. I had that happen once at work and thought there was smoke in the ladies’ bathroom. No one else could smell it and there was not a problem. That is the only time it ever happened, and I didn’t have a cold.


            1. No, I was alone. David worked until 11 pm, and husband and son were on the way back from the next state. I had a cold, so I went to bed. It wasn’t until the next morning that they told me there was no bad smell, even though I could still smell it.


  9. I have not done that, but I’ve heard noises in the neighborhood when folks on either side of me never heard them. We had a huge explosion about five years ago when a drunk driver plowed into the side of a natural gas pipe. He lived, got his hand slapped only, while it caused people to be evactuated, their siding to melt on their homes and caused me much angst at about 3:00 p.m. when it exploded maybe 4-5 miles from here. I had the A/C on and heard it … neighbors on either side heard nothing. I looked out the front door and saw a huge ball of fire in the distance. Such fear to wonder what it was and I could not get to the all-news station fast enough.


      1. Yes, it was terrible and I could not understand why everyone did not have their door open and looking out. Even me, who never opens the door in the dark (even in light, I look through the peephole), looked out because through the peephole I saw orange in the peephole. It made a loud noise when it exploded … neighbors said they didn’t hear a thing.


    1. Goodness me. It is interesting how different people smell different things. My son is so sensitive with his nose, yet in his teenage years, could not smell his own B.O on a stinking hot summer day! I do get what you mean though. Hopefully it won’t return.

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  10. This makes sense to me Anne. Whenever I used to go to my Grandma’s house I thought it smelled like natural gas. I would ask others if they smelled it and no one ever did! It is a mystery to me to this day why I smelled that and I was the only one.


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