Challenge of a Common Cold

The challenge is this: can you describe a common cold without mentioning sinuses or lungs? I think I can.

For two weeks I haven’t worn rings or earrings. One week ago I quit wearing shoes and a belt. Last week I lost ten pounds, which would have taken ten years at my usual rate of one pound a year. Although my legs are a bit rubbery, I am feeling better.

48 thoughts on “Challenge of a Common Cold

  1. Wow, the common cold sure had its way with you Anne! I always say you never know how good you feel on a normal day until you get a cold, by the time it saps your energy, clogs your ears, not to mention it dulls your brain. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

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  2. Hi Anne, a cold can really knock me low. Sometimes my husband and I will have the same cold, but it almost always seems one is worse off than the other. I hope you get the rest that will lead to a quick recovery.


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