Like Old Times

It had been weeks since we visited with neighbors Shawn and Bob, so we got together for a long chat. How satisfying it was! Cold weather has always cut down social interaction, but these COVID days, everyone thinks twice about being inside together. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up on news. There was one new person partying with us – Sadie. She was so excited at seeing them that she could hardly keep four paws on the ground.

Sadie adores Logan (10). She forgot all our rules and gleefully jumped on him. Having three dogs at home, Logan can take care of himself, but he shouldn’t have to. Sadie wedged herself in half of Logan’s chair and kissed him. Bless his heart, he was still posing nicely for the camera. I really appreciate that.

I missed getting a photo of Logan bringing me a Valentine balloon. They know I love balloons, and this one was different from all I’ve had before. Bear Hugs! What could be nicer?

28 thoughts on “Like Old Times

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Anne. The balloon is obviously a lot better than my virtual Hug (or cwtch) but it’s the best I can do in these Covid days. I’m glad you were able to do some catching up and that Sadie was able to do some of her own. I’m amazed to read that Logan is 10 since it doesn’t seem 12 months since h was only 9. I dread to think how old your grandsons are now.
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs Galore


    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

      Nothing could be better than a virtual hug from you!

      Grandson David is 25 years old, and Nathaniel turned 21 last Monday.

      Not any old hugs — brand new ones!


  2. Happy Valentine’s day! My step-daughter flew in to help with the move and it’s been a delight to be around another person in depth. It’s a risk but she took a test before she came and we really needed help. Moving isn’t for sissies or old people! Always love the pictures of Logan and Sadie. So sweet.


    1. We’ve lived here almost seven years. It took a couple of years to get to know our neighbors. There are only six houses on the street. We knew neighbors in NY, too. It helped that there were only five houses on the dead end street.

      That’s great that you will soon have your vaccine. We’ll get out second one by the end of the month.


  3. Sadie is full of love and wants to share her feelings. She’d give bear hugs if she could, but offers up a slobbery kiss if you don’t turn your head (like you, I always turned my head for slobbery dog kisses). That’s a great picture of Sadie and Logan. Your balloon is especially cute and I’ve never seen one shaped like a bear before either. I do always envy your relationship with your neighbors.


      1. I think that is nice … that does sound like the reason for neighbors to be as close as they are. We lived on a cul de sac when I was growing up in Oakville. Everyone on our side of the street, and we lived right on the crescent, knew everyone else and all the kids in the neighborhood were close and played together, walked to school together. It was nice. Now they razed the entire neighborhood, though it was brand new when we moved there in 1959 and instead of two houses, they made one large, two-story house with more property. I didn’t recognize the neighborhood on Google maps, but someone in the Oakville Facebook group told me what happened.

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