Nathaniel’s Quick Visit

Grandson Nathaniel had Saturday off, and we made the most of it. He finished work the night before at 9 pm, and that’s when John picked him up in Charlotte. They were back at our house by midnight, and everyone went to bed. Over breakfast Saturday, Nate had us laughing.

Rose brought her artist sister to a cabin in the mountains to paint for the weekend. Rose and John $pencer went hiking two days to give her plenty of time to paint. I asked for a quick photo to show that her visit overlapped Nathaniel’s for a few minutes.

Later in the day I asked Nate to pose with his degree earned nine months ago. It says “Associate in Applied Science Cum Laude”. Are we proud? You bet!! He is over half way through his junior year now.

We had tea well past the proper hour. I got out our 40-year-old teapot from England and warmed it. Nathaniel weighed the loose tea and set a timer for the steeping. He is more precise than I would have been, and it was worth it. He chose a cup and saucer that had belonged to my grandmother, and I took one that commemorated our 25th wedding anniversary. Clunky mugs were not suitable for our tea.

Nathaniel skipped the mirror ritual this time. The official photographer had gone to bed when he arrived, and the family scattered quickly the next day. The day he left, I asked him to pose, showing the mirror had not moved. He bent his knees, petted Sadie, and stuck out his tongue.

We went to church on the way to Charlotte, but that’s another story. To show the brothers together, I asked the boys for a fast picture as Nathaniel was heading for his dorm. It was a quick visit, but very satisfying.

26 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s Quick Visit

        1. Ours is a Sadler. We have another Sadler, a larger, more elegant one for Christmas, decorated with holly and berries. Nathaniel wasn’t here for Christmas, so I didn’t use it.


  1. I’m not entirely sure you can do this without amazing “super powers” – keeping as trim as your grandson and working around food. Congrats to the trim foodie!


    1. He was chunky in high school until he started the culinary program. He was so busy that he didn’t take time to eat. We were shocked to see a photo of him where his face was gaunt. These days he eats two meals a day to save money, and he works a lot. It probably isn’t healthy, so I’m hoping he won’t do any permanent damage until he gets settled in his life’s work.

      I used to think you shouldn’t trust a thin chef. Now I’m not so sure. I want to trust him, but he said no thanks to taking a few Brownies back to the dorm. Does he have iron will? or does he need sleep so desperately that sleep wins???


    1. Nathaniel studied and worked on projects when he wasn’t at the table with us, so he didn’t have time to cook. I’m afraid he may be working too hard. There is just a year to go, as you pointed out. He says his favorite thing is making bread. I suspect he wouldn’t want to do that without a dough hook.

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  2. Great to see Nathaniel at your place for a short, but sweet, visit. Just a few more months and school will be over for the Summer and perhaps he can have a longer break and whip up a few more creations.


    1. We can always hope Nathaniel will come. The school has made last-minute decisions in the last year, trying to cope with COVID. It’s hard to make long-term plans when you don’t know what is coming. Since Nate worked through the summer last year, it’s possible he will be given that choice this year.

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