Mistake in the Shower

With dismay, I realized I had a dollop of conditioner in my hand instead of shampoo. There was no easy way to get it back in the bottle, and a penny-pincher would not willingly waste it. Even the stingiest miser would not want outside help at that point. Don’t even try to imagine the scene. I know what I did, but not how I did it. I opened the shampoo, put some in the other hand, and proceeded to wash the hair with one hand without losing the conditioner in the other. Using two hands, the rest was easy – rinse, apply, and rinse again. It’s comforting to know that my brain could solve an unexpected problem while preparing for the day.

41 thoughts on “Mistake in the Shower

  1. That is funny Anne! I wouldn’t waste it either.
    I would have mixed shampoo and conditioner and applied it together. There are shampoo+conditioner in the market, and this would be my own creation. 🙂

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  2. That must have taken some real manual dexterity. I might have coped with that but never the mental dexterity to work it out. It would have gone down the plughole with some very old-fashioned cursing.

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    1. If I had thought it through, I probably would have gotten rid of the conditioner in my hand and started over. I lost time, but saved conditioner. Oh, well. I’m retired, and I could afford to lose time.

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  3. My daughter-in-law makes her own 2-in-1 shampoo by merging them in a fresh bottle. I’m not sure of her ratio. I’m very impressed you used both hands effectively without mixing or spilling.


  4. I have to buy shampoo and conditioner from different companies. I can’t see without my readers and if the bottles look the same I can’t tell which is which.


    1. Luck was with me. I dropped the shampoo bottle, but it landed without spilling anything! Can’t you just imagine shampoo slithering over the shower floor and my slipping up one side and down the other???


  5. I am blind as a bat without my glasses and have to pull things up close to my face to see so I’d have to study the bottle label first. 🙂 You are a smart cookie Anne, but we readers always knew your head was more than just a place to hang your earrings.


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