Nathaniel’s One Day Visit

Grandson Nathaniel came for two nights and one day to celebrate his birthday. One turns 21 only once in a lifetime, and it should be very special. I’m just going to imagine that we had a glittering party with friends and family in high spirits. The meal was an epicurean delight, ending with a luscious dessert without candles. Gifts were cute and amusing. Reality was going out for lunch and driving up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to find it socked in with heavy fog. We loved being with him, though.

David had Sunday off, giving him a chance to enjoy his brother. We walked along a paved trail with exercise equipment along the way. Some of the stations had instructions showing what could be done. David went for the high bar.

Nathaniel took a low bar.

They are very strong, and I doubt either of them ever spent much time in a gym. And to think, I have to exercise just to walk straight!

27 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s One Day Visit

      1. Usually once a year. But it has been over 16 months now. My mom just passed away and I couldn’t be there. My grandchildren were her pallbearers which was special.


  1. How wonderful that you got to spend your grandson’s 21st birthday with him! I’m sure that spending the day with you, John, and his brother was more enjoyable than a glittering party and an epicurean delight.


  2. That’s great you all got together. It looked like Nathaniel would be doing the limbo there. At Elizabeth Park, they have that type of exercise equipment. I’ve never tried them, but they have (or used to have) a nameplate and instructions how to use each piece of equipment. Good thing as they are kind of different.


  3. Anne, it sounds as if you all had a very special birthday celebration with Nathanial and it must have been wonderful to be together for it! The park equipment looks fun! There is a lot of these in Swedish parks!


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