We didn’t see Cat very often this winter, but she has begun coming out to walk with us again. This is the lovely animal whose owner said, “She belongs to my daughter, who named her Blake. I just call her CAT. My wife and daughter persuaded me to let the dog in the house, but this cat is never coming further than the garage.”

I tried to get a good picture of her this morning, but most of the ones I took were blurred because she was moving. She came running up her driveway and straight to me to be petted. After a good rub, I started walking, and she ran ahead. When she stopped, she looked around to make sure I would rub her again. This went on, in our usual fashion, until we were out of sight of her home. She got sidetracked by some interesting sight and rejoined me when I came back from the stop sign.

CAT waiting to be petted

Cat has a bad habit of running in front of cars. Most of the people who live here know to watch out for her, and they creep past her. I don’t usually pick her up, because she hates it. This morning I had my hand on her, so I picked her up. It was awkward to hold her as she struggled, but I managed to wave at the driver. On the way home, I grabbed her again and waved. I know about six of the neighbors’ cars, and I didn’t recognize this one. It pulled slowly forward and paused as the window came down. A voice inside said, “You cheated.”

I laughed when I found myself looking at my son. He had heard stories of Cat, but this was the first time he saw me with her. Wouldn’t you know he’d catch me trying to protect her??

53 thoughts on “Cat

  1. Cat sounds a lot like Peanut. He loves/ demands attention from anyone who is willing and when we walk with the dogs around the field he often goes with us. He’s just one of the boys. Funny the car you didn’t recognize was your son. LOL!


  2. Cats are so interesting. We have a neighborhood cat named Barbara. that comes around when and if she pleases, and she has spent winters in my cat shelter. She is not a friendly cat, and will not approach anyone. She lost one of her front paws a long time ago. When she is here for the winter she eats and drinks water here, it is interesting to see the other outdoor neighborhood cats defer to her. She always get dibs on any special treat foods.


      1. Yes, she is. Once she sneaked into the house with the outside riff-raff cats, she was the last to go out. When I said “ok, Barbara, you too…” she walked toward the door, but stopped for a drink of water at the inside cat dish. She gave me a haughty look and sash-shayed out the door. I was making a lot of noise chasing the rabble out, but she is no longer afraid of me apparently.


  3. You are such a kind soul, Anne. This cat obviously enjoys walking with you and the occasional pat, but is wary of too much close affection. Like the kangaroos in our area, it lacks road sense. I do hope it stays safe. What a surprise that it was your son in that car!


  4. Aw, that is very sweet of you. She should probably be indoors. But at least she has you taking care of her. I will keep her safety in my prayers. Salem wants to send her a wink!


    1. I’ll tell Cat of your kind concern for her and Salem’s wink. I’ve seen her with only one other animal — a dog named Albert. Former neighbor Marla held his leash firmly, and they touched noses. Would you do that?

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  5. You were her angel. I love cats. My cat, and myself, are in a funk today. We went through the trauma of getting him in the carrier to go get feline vaccinations. After we waited awhile we were told the vet called out for the day and no one was available to see us. Oh my…the pain of it all. He is still hiding from me under the bed to let me know I have deeply offended him. The worst…I will have to get him in that carrier again on April 13th.


  6. CAT is lucky to have you for her guardian angel. Bill and I have recently been meeting a man on the bike path below our house who walks his cat on a leash!


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