Visit Draws to a Close

Daughter Lise’s next-to-the-last day was filled with fun things. She took a video of Jonathan Creek, claiming that the sound is so much better by the water than up on the bank. I liked this photo showing Lise at creek’s edge and shadows of John, Sadie, and me. The real Sadie is also visible.

Lise’s face erased by the sun

We had lunch at a favorite barbecue place, Haywood Smokehouse. Grandson David demonstrated how big his brisket sandwich was.

The rest of the day was pure visiting pleasure. We enjoyed being with neighbor Joyce on her back porch. We talked for hours and drank in her view of the mountains. Her house is next to ours but higher up the hill. Our visit ended with a grand tour of her newly-refurbished shed. We loved the sign on the door that neighbor Holly gave her – She Shed.

The day was ending when we walked toward home. Shawn and Bob were swinging on their front porch, and we couldn’t resist joining them.

When Logan came out, Lise asked if he liked playing a card game her friends play in Denmark – the Set game. David taught him how to play the day before. He was so enthusiastic that she fetched it from our house. He played well, and Shawn caught on faster than I did. I left them battling it out when I went home to heat up David’s supper. The game is now packed to go to Denmark.

Happiness and sadness are so close together at the end of a wonderful visit.

46 thoughts on “Visit Draws to a Close

  1. I’m sorry you’re so close to Llse’s last day.. It’s been a wonderful visit and the memories will be good making everyone smile to recall them. But the actual moment of saying goodbye will be tinged with great sadness. I hope everyone journeys home safely.
    Huge Hugs


      1. I thought it was nice anyway, even missing pieces. 🙂 I joined a Facebook group a few weeks ago … they require you to use a photo, not just an icon or picture. The only photos I’ve used is the one of my mom/me as a newborn which you’ve seen in posts. I always put it up the week leading to Mother’s Day and a picture of Santa and me at Christmastime. The rest of the time I use pictures for the season. So I’ve left the Mother’s Day profile pic up and told the administrator I have not had a photo taken of me in at least 15 years. Guess I’ll have to be creative. My brain is toast … been on the phone with Ron for hours … we lost our e-mail and have migrated to Office 365. Just. Like. That. I planned the entire afternoon/evening to catch up in Reader and we are expecting storms later.


        1. I hope the migration will be as painless as possible and that the storms will blow by without causing any damage. Lise was thrilled that we had one thunderstorm while she was here. They don’t have them often in Copenhagen.

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          1. Thanks Anne – I hope so too for both things. I really hoped to catch up here as I am four days behind. I hope Ron forgets to call back. I worry our thunderstorm will be volatile due to the heat spike. That’s interesting they don’t have many thunderstorms in Copenhagen. Did you get a lot of SPAM today? When I got here, I had 114 SPAM, all from the same domain or on a similar subject (drug). Went thru to ensure no legitimate messages were there and cleared it. Went back a few minutes later and had 48, same type/domain. So wrote WP because I had it happen before and they will try to block them at their end.


              1. Mine usually do that too Anne. The last time it happened, whatever they did stopped it right away. I told WordPress I’d leave the messages in there so they could see for themselves and/or perhaps it helps them. All from the same place and that 48 has morphed into 200. I just looked a few minutes ago – I was shocked!


  2. Your values of life are beautiful. Hanging with friends, watching the mountains, playing games….love that so much!


  3. Lise’s face should never be erased–she is always smiling that beautiful smile. Still, it. has a catchy sound–like a mystery: Erased by the Sun. Thank you for sharing the visit, and safe travels until the next one!


  4. Hi There, I have enjoyed reading about Lise’s visit to Mom and Dad’s. It’s so great she could extend her stay by working from the states. I loved hearing how the family switched things around so Lise could comfortably be able to work at 2 a.m. Anne you are such a great writer, and you and John are great parents and grandparents! It’s fun reading about everything you all do to enjoy life and keep busy! I’m so much the opposite. A terrible communicator! I was going to write when you sent the old pix from the Messiah council. The only person I thought I recognized was John’s dad and Henry?? My memory is so sad, especially when it’s just yesterday! But keep trodding along! Keeping busy, but extremely disorganized!!! Lise have a safe trip home, I’m sure your parents were blessed by your visits, and I enjoyed reading about it, seeing moms pictures! Joi was just back in the states for a short time ( couple months?) to get her Covid vaccination. I actually haven’t seen she or Kathy for a couple of years. They are very careful during the pandemic, they separated on two separate floors when she returned.( for the two week time) She was home originally for much of the high numbers time, and worked from NY , then went back in January? They used to cook together on Zoom? Or facetime? I believe, I don’t travel much, except to go to our summer place in the Berkshires. I’ve never got back to Facebook. They posted me, but I’ve never opened it, or tried to get a password. It’s too much for me to worry about keeping up with reading, answering, etc! Really slowing down, I guess! Thanks again Anne for sharing. Your have a fun family, lovely home and neighbors! You are a blessing, wherever you are! 😉👍❤️

    Blessings and Peace to all the Mehrling Clan, Love, Peg

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  5. This was such a great read. My opportunities to see my Daughter are always in a few year absences. However, her life in Sweden is filled with blessings as my Grandson is a guard at the Palace in Stockholm. I enjoyed the photo journal of your days with Lise. I must say that there are a lot of great places to eat in North Carolina.


    1. I’m glad you get to see your daughter every once in a while. Lise generally comes for Thanksgiving every year, and we always look forward to it.

      How interesting that your grandson is a guard at the palace in Stockholm! Have you ever seen him on duty?

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  6. I’m glad you had a good time and even though it’s sad to say good-bye it’s better that it be on a pleasant note than otherwise. Many families couldn’t be together as much as you were and remain friendly. Just saying


  7. Your photos always make me smile Anne, because people always look so happy and invariably there’s food in your post. But it is rather sad when good things come to an end.


  8. The end of a visit is bittersweet, isn’t it? I hope you get to see your daughter again before too long. My kids used to love Set when they were little. I haven’t thought about that game in years!


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