David’s Birthday

We began and ended the day with a cake and a candle. Grandson David brought home some cupcakes from work, and this was perfect for the breakfast cake. He didn’t eat it, but it was big enough for one candle and the singing of the birthday song.

As soon as he sat down, he knew that the mailing package held something he really wanted. It came from Aunt Lise, and it was the Set game he was addicted to while she was here. Evidently, it has been available in this country for years, although we had never heard of it. Even though I’m not good at it, I like playing. Neighbor Logan took to it immediately. He will be happy to know David now has it and is eager to play it with him.

After David’s work and taping Sunday’s service at church, we put out the big cake, big being relative. The proper number of candles (26) would not have fit.

Yes, it’s the same candle we used in the morning. I never looked for more in the drawer.

It’s good to take a shot of the crowd to remind me who celebrated that year. We each had an eighth of the cake and finished it the next day.

David, John and John $pencer

42 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

  1. Just as well Nathaniel wasn’t there or he’d have made a cake that would have taken the street days to eat. A very Happy belated Birthday to my namesake . I hope you’ve got plenty of practise with the new game.
    Huge Hugs


    1. Everyone would have loved a Nathaniel cake.

      The new game is very fast-paced, and I am not. David will probably play a game or so with me tonight. I will lose in spectacular ways. He will feel sorry for me and hug me.

      Consolation Hugs


  2. What is that “set” game, Anne? All i could find is an app that allows one to form musical ‘setlists.’ That’s not it I’m sure. Does it have another name, or a longer name?
    Belated Happy Birthday to David!


        1. It’s fun to practice with that online game. The real game is a set of cards laid out in a grid of 12. First one to see a set says “set” and picks up the three cards. The dealer puts new cards in place until the deck is depleted. Grandson David is a whiz at it. He can say set before my eyes have looked at all the cards. It is deceptively fast-paced. If you make a mistake after saying set, you turn one of your cards face down and lose a point. Logan and I lose a fair number of points that way.

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  3. Well David’s been 26 already for a fortnight. Happy belated birthday to you David. I have to look up this Set Game. I play Solitaire to keep my mind sharp and also Word Wipe though it has background music which drives me crazy.


      1. Thank you for the link Anne and I’ve saved it, but I’ve got to come back to it because they had a YouTube video but it was not available for some reason. I tried a different browser and it did not work. I will try again. I’ve been enjoying Word Wipe and Solitaire. My first time with Solitaire was in 2000, just after Y2K when we got Windows computers at work. I took a class, but held off getting a computer of my own until after Y2K (just in case). So I could not get the hang of mouse clicking right away, not pressing down hard enough, so our computer guy suggested perfecting my clicks with Solitaire and I’ve been hooked ever since.


          1. I just peeked at Free Cell and Pressed for Words. I am going to try them after I am all caught up here. I finished catching up earlier today (monumental task and I had to skip over some posts from those who post multiple times per day (I made an exception for Wayne as he posts infrequently) or those who posted everyday and got it done. I think you’d like Word Wipe. I have gotten up to four lines … each word you create, the letters are “wiped away” and you strive to eliminate as many lines as possible. I tried Klondike Solitaire a few months ago – it moves fast and if you’re not fast enough, it puts the cards where they should go up top. A little too intuitive for me, but it makes you think quickly. https://www.solitaire-klondike.com/klondike.html


            1. I must look for Word Wipe. We are gearing up for company, and I won’t be playing any games until next week. John’s sister and husband are coming Wednesday, and we’ll go together to have lunch with the other sister in SC on Saturday. Right now the house reeks of dark chocolate brownies just out of the oven. I hope they taste as good as they smell. We will taste them tonight before I freeze the rest.

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              1. I love the smell of brownies fresh out of the oven. You best taste them to ensure they are okay before serving them to guests. Have a nice visit with John’s family. I guess it’s the first time you saw them and the other sister since the pandemic began.


                  1. Time goes by so quickly it becomes a blur sometimes. Today they mentioned Flag Day and I think it is your wedding anniversary if I’m not mistaken. I seem to remember you and John wearing flag-inspired clothing and going somewhere special for your anniversary and doing a post about it. If I’m correct – Happy Anniversary! Do it mean a new balloon?


                    1. What an excellent memory you have! Yes, today is our anniversary. I’m wearing a red shirt with a sparkly flag on the front. We postponed going out to eat until tomorrow, because the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed today. We’ve never gotten a balloon to mark the occasion! Just today I deflated the Easter balloon. Mother’s Day is still floating.

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                    2. Easter sure lasted a long time. I’m happy I remembered and I think David was there for the picture as I recall – it was his day off. Tomorrow you’ll enjoy a belated anniversary dinner.


                    3. I remember David went with us to the Pisgah Inn on one anniversary. That’s the only restaurant on the Blue Ridge Parkway in this area. He misses a fair number of celebrations because of work, the last being our neighborhood cookout on Memorial Day.

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                    4. I think the restaurant was glassed-in the picture I recall. I remember John’s flag shirt and he put flags out front of your house. That’s a shame David has to miss those occasions.


                    5. David doesn’t seem to mind missing holidays. I think the restaurant was closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so he didn’t miss those. He doesn’t work on Sundays, so he’s with us for Easter.

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