Mingo Falls

On grandson David’s day off, we drove through the town of Cherokee to get to Mingo Falls. We had been there a few years ago when daughter Lise was visiting. I had forgotten there were 161 steep, uneven steps to get to it. Her words of encouragement that day must have really helped me get there. This time, David and John gave me helping hands.

David seems to have a mission for rescuing things in the water. Someone had left a plastic bottle wedged among the rocks below the falls, and he emptied it and crumpled it up to take back down. John did the same for a bottle someone had thoughtlessly left on the bridge railing.

I felt sorry for the naked roots, clinging tenaciously to the rocks. They don’t even have a good view of the falls!

25 thoughts on “Mingo Falls

  1. Looks like a wonderful day out at Mingo Falls, Anne. It was very thoughtful of David and John to pick up plastic objects that don’t belong out there in nature. Some people just don’t think about taking their trash with them. The waterfall looks amazing. Such a beautiful view.

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    1. I hoped the people who left water bottles behind were just forgetful. Such was not the case for the rinds of several large watermelons tossed into the stream. A large group of people deliberately did that. It made my blood boil, so much so that I wouldn’t take a photo of it.


      1. That’s terrible to hear people would toss watermelon rinds in to the stream. That is not healthy for nature or wildlife either. Hopefully people get more aware about our environment and sustainability.


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