Entertainment on a Rainy Day

When rain set in, David went on the front porch to enjoy it from his hammock/swing. Sadie was anxious to be out there with us, so David improvised a barrier at the top of the stairs. Even though there was other activity on the street that Sadie barked at, she made no attempt to jump over the two chairs and a table.

Sadie’s barrier

There was no containing Sadie’s excitement when she saw Logan (10) at our driveway. The boy was barefooted but wearing a sweatshirt in the heavy rain. He patiently moved gravel to channel the water down the street. We guessed he wanted the rainwater to float a large black shoe, although we could have been wrong. He was on the left side of a small evergreen tree in this photo.

He worked down the street and to the right of the evergreen tree, still moving gravel in place. His focus and diligence were amazing. I texted Shawn this photo, saying it was the best entertainment for neighbors.

She replied, “And for parents.” She then responded with a photo from her porch.

Their view was better than ours. Unfortunately, the rain stopped and so did Logan’s work on the water project. It was getting late and time to go in.

26 thoughts on “Entertainment on a Rainy Day

  1. Imagination, creativity, problem-solving and cognitive development. Fun for them, fun for those watching. I think it is exciting to see kids learn to figure out things for themselves. Thanks for sharing; made me smile thinking how exciting and interesting life was at his age. 🙂

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  2. Oh to be that young and enjoy being in the rain, instead of grumbling about it (me) or scurrying to get out of it (me). I also admire how he haunches down as some of us would never get back up from that position (me).


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