Nathaniel’s Long Weekend

Grandson Nathaniel came to visit us and to spend 24 hours with his mother Kate. We performed the mirror ritual, where Nathaniel puts the mirror high on the wall so he and David can see their faces. Later that evening he was reading my grandmother’s hand-written recipe book.

Son John $pencer took Nate for a hike and a long ride in the mountains. This was a refreshing change from working in an office at his university. He chose this as his favorite photo of the day.

While Kate was driving here from New Jersey, John and I took Nathaniel to a favorite thrift shop in Hendersonville. Although it was his idea to go there, we were the ones who bought things. I chose two plates to go under pots on the back porch and a storage jar for coffee. Nate pointed out a pretty gravy boat. Knowing how I love gravy boats, John bought it. Nate couldn’t resist trying on this flashy red hat and had the staff in stitches.

We took a long way home through the mountains so that Nate and I could listen to a stream for a little while. The grandsons know how to get the most from a stream by standing in it.

We are waiting for Kate to arrive.

32 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s Long Weekend

  1. How nice to see the ‘Old Gang’ back together again. You must have missed the mirror ritual even though it does put you at a disadvantage. I wonder what treats he has in store for you if he cooks.
    Huge Hugs


    1. Nathaniel didn’t cook this time. We were on the go most of the time, so we ate out or brought in food. Daughter Kate stopped at our favorite barbecue place in Virginia and brought our dinner tonight. It was marvelous for the six of us to relax and eat together. Kate drove 14.5 hours today, coming from New Jersey and getting here before dark.

      Family Hugs


  2. As my grandson popped over for some sun screen, I realized that already at 11 he is eye to eye with me. I am certain he is on his way up and past me, just like your boy!


  3. I know I’m reading your posts all out of order, but it’s the fact that I *am* reading them that counts, right? ๐Ÿ˜€
    BTW, please remind me – are David and Nathaniel both sons of Kate?


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