Daughter Kate enjoyed wandering around our supermarket on shopping day, comparing our store to the one she works in. We ate lunch at home before going to Cataloochee, hoping to see elk. It was out of season and early afternoon, so our hopes were not high. On the way, we stopped at a hidden overlook to get a broad view of the valley.

We hadn’t been in the elk area very long when Kate spotted the first one, calmly eating near the road. John took this photo out the window for me.

We stopped to go through one of the old houses left in the park. I’ve been through the house many times, so I stayed on the bridge over the stream. When David and Kate came back, they walked down the stream looking at birds perched over the water.

On the way out of the park, Kate exclaimed that she spotted an elk. John backed up and parked. There were five of them in the woods! I took a shot of the action I saw, which was of David and Kate taking photos. It had begun to rain, making my picture a bit spotty. If you look between Kate’s nose and hand, you can see an elk standing up in the background.

17 thoughts on “Elk

  1. It is wonderful to walk in forests where you can see the Elks in their free and natural habitat. I am taken with their grace and calm. It is also to beautiful to see mother Elks courage if by accident you get to near her calf.

    I love your outings, Anne.


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  2. When we lived in Oregon we were able to visit an elk refuge and see a large herd of them. Great that you can see them too. They are definitely more balanced looking than moose!


  3. So lovely to see wildlife in their natural habitat! I’m more familiar with Canada’s moose, found in most provinces, but elk? I think they’re mostly in our western provinces. They’re related to deer, aren’t they? Cousins maybe!


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