England 40 Years Ago — August 5, 1981

Our family went out alone to do a few errands in Oslo. John and I did one errand together, then split while leaving the girls in the car. Much to my surprise, I got lost and couldn’t find the car! I almost broke out in a cold sweat, but then found the right parking lot.

We went to museums to see a part of a real Viking ship and a reproduction of another. Also saw Kon-Tiki and Fram.

Part of a real Viking ship
Reproduction of a Viking ship

We went to Frogner Park, the one with lots of statues.

Seeing the ski jump, Holmenkollen, was fantastic. It’s where the next world’s cup match will be held. This is a view from one side.

They have just finished extending the gate at the top; I was very uneasy that high up with the gentle summer breezes almost howling. Kate joined me in those feelings. I can’t imagine anyone being willing, much less eager, to step out and sail down on skis.

For dinner we had home made soup and Norwegian pancakes. After that the Osnes girls stayed home with the boys while the rest of us went to visit Hal and Bjorg at their apartment. What a lovely home! The colors and woods and fabrics are so warm. Bjorg served Julekaka, coffee cake, a chocolate biscuit and candy dessert with coffee, then a choice of 7-Up or a non-alcoholic Norwegian beer often served to skiers. We were glad to have tasted it, but decided the taste would have to be acquired.

11 thoughts on “England 40 Years Ago — August 5, 1981

  1. I visited those tourist spots as well on my trip when we went to Oslo – I think I had pictures of the Kon-Tiki, having read the story of Thor Heyerdahl as a youngster and enjoyed it. The Frogner Park I remember well. We parked at the entrance and the tour guide explained about the undressed statues and asked if anyone wanted to be dropped off while everyone toured the park … everyone stayed on the bus. We didn’t see that ski jump – wow!


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