We are not Flooded

John and I were out in the heavy rains yesterday, going from one doctor’s appointment to another. By late afternoon, the emergency messages began to pour into our electronic devices. There was flooding in two nearby towns, Clyde and Canton. Grandson David’s coworker couldn’t get home, so the manager took him to her own house for the night. Today neighbor Logan had no school, because all schools in the county were closed due to the flooding. We thought Jonathan Creek would be swollen this morning, but we walked there and found it was not unusually high.

We don’t think the creek overflowed anywhere in our valley. We live on a lower slope of a mountain. If water ever rose this high, it would be catastrophic, and you probably wouldn’t hear from me again. Today the weather is gorgeous – sunny with blue skies and white clouds.

30 thoughts on “We are not Flooded

  1. I’m so glad you are safe, things are crazy everywhere! Fires, floods, earthquakes. Stay safe and vigilant! We are having unusual amounts of rain here in Texas as well, no flooding, but cool temps and rain are not the norms for August in Texas!!!


  2. That’s good – I Googled earlier in the week when they said possible tornadoes and mentioned where and it was two hours from Asheville, which you mention your church is there. Thank goodness for that but the flooding this Summer all over the States is just incredible. Swollen creeks, rising rivers – we’ve had a lot of drownings this year due to unusual water conditions in Michigan lakes.


    1. David and I were shocked this morning when John told us there were still 30 people missing after the flooding in two nearby towns. Anyone who had a cell phone should have gotten warnings. Our phones, computers, and Echos all relayed extreme warnings.


  3. I heard Canton and Haywood county got the worst of it. We saw large landslides while out near Franklin. I feel so bad for all those affected by the flooding. I know on the scale of things this is minimal but have you seen some of the before and afters on the local waterfalls? I wouldn’t even have recognized Skinny Dip falls from the after photos I’ve seen but on the flip side, I heard some that had large downed trees that would’ve obstructed the view for years before they degraded have been washed away too.


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