The Kiss

When they were reunited, they had eyes only for each other. The world didn’t exist inside their bubble. Can you hear him tell her he loves her? She could do nothing but dance for joy.

John $ and Sadie

Son John $pencer said he felt he had been away for a month because of all he and Rose packed into their week in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Sadie, if she could register time, would insist it felt like TWO MONTHS. She moped while he was away, not eating and not going for walks with us. It was marvelous to see her world tilt the right way again.

$ bent down to pet Sadie, then he knelt to get closer. She examined his bag, not looking for drugs like an airport dog, but searching for the faintest scent of her beloved Rose.

Many thanks to husband John and Rose for aiding in this production. A few days before, Rose sent me the souvenirs I wanted from their trip, photos. John backed the car into the drive so that $ and Sadie would be visible as I filmed from the porch.

John and Rose

31 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. Did Rose come back with John $ or is that someone different in the car that Sadie can’t smell. I’m glad there’s a nice reunion anyway after a week away John $ must have enjoyed it too. Well done you for adding photographs of Sadie’s joy
    Huge Hugs


  2. There is nothing better than a doggy greeting. A long time ago, I went on a month long trip to Hawaii. When I got back my cat gave me her back. Eventually she came around but clearly she wasn’t happy with me being gone so long. Hope Rose comes to visit. Sadie will have her family together.

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      1. Good question, but I’ll bet you’re right. Next time, she will pine for $ the minute she sees the suitcase/duffel bag going out the car. Remember Laurie (Meditations in Motion) had to hide their suitcases from Benji when they were going on a trip?


  3. Aww! What gorgeous pix!!

    I can well understand how Sadie felt when her beloved ‘people’ were away! Next week I’m finally getting to see my son, Jeremy, and his wife, in NY (now living in Yaphank, Long Island). That means my lovely John will be cat-sitting. (We don’t have anyone else to do it, and John doesn’t mind.) But I can well imagine our furball Annie moping for the four days!

    Thank goodness Jeremy sent me a plane ticket. Haven’t seen him in two-and-a-half years! But trip is short because he’s working (film editor) and also I didn’t want Annie to waste away not eating for a longer period. 😀 It’s ok though, I’m sure I’ll see Jer & Lucy again in ’22.


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