Slow Down!

Sadie says, “I can’t read, but John and Anne find this sign amusing.”

Neighbors on the main road into our area put two signs out, one on each side of the road.

21 thoughts on “Slow Down!

  1. There used to be a sign on a bakery in a town nearby that said, “Please go slow in my home town.” and it was needed. Great picture. Sheba does not understand roads, at all. She thinks they are for lolly-gagging. Maybe the dogs need a different sign! Best and blessings, Micheel


  2. I have looked into buying similar signs, Drive like your kids live here or Drive like your pets live here. We have lots of dump trucks fly by which take longer to stop. Little hope without serious injury in a mid-size car versus the big vehicles. Plus some of our neighbors have kids who play with balls in their yards and we have neighbors that don’t keep their cats or dogs at home. 😦


    1. We have fog every morning. We moved here in August, and I thought we’d never see the sun rise. This pattern will be gone shortly.

      Some people go a little fast, but the road is twisty, and we’ve just had a new layer of gravel added to worn areas.

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