An Adventure Shared with Sadie

Sadie wasn’t allowed in the helicopter, but she was very much a part of the lake adventure. Son John $pencer took a photo of Sadie in the canoe with him, showing Rose standing up on the paddle board in the distance.

Here is a good close-up of Sadie on the board with Rose. They laughed about the danger of falling off. Rose hinted that $ was waiting to see her fall into the cold water and would have laughed. I’m sure $ would have phrased it as being concerned she would take a splash. In any case, it was Sadie who fell in the water. Rose had to pull her back on the board.

This was $’s birthday, which we celebrated much later that day.

Forty years ago, this was the boy with his cake.


John was amused that $ went back to eating olives and crackers after having cake. It reminded him of the family story that after our wedding, his sisters ate dill pickles with wedding cake. I don’t know about you, but I like my cake standing alone!

28 thoughts on “An Adventure Shared with Sadie

  1. Seeing Sadie on the paddle board she must have pointer blood. She looks like on of those fearless leaders of old preparing to lead from the front. Rose looks pretty steady out there. I bet John $ enjoyed his cake before hitting the olives and crackers.
    Massive Hugs

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    1. I know John $ is my son, but he endured the cake. He doesn’t care for sweets!! He is the only one I’ve ever known who would prefer an olive rather than cake. He was nice about it, but I’m sure he was happy the five of us finished the cake in one sitting.

      Sweet Hugs


  2. Rose is brave on the paddleboard, as is Sadie! Those two are perfect for one another as they love spending time outdoors. Sadie is probably already pining for Rose after she leaves to return home.


        1. Sadie had a remarkable day, not moping, after all! She was very well-behaved while walking this morning. She WANTED to go with me and didn’t try to turn back early. When the first car came by, she listened, turned her head, and sat down before I told her to. She was outside with me while I was tidying up the garden, and she only slipped away twice. Both times she came running when I whistled for her. Good dog, Sadie! Good dog!

          She might be awful tomorrow, but I hope she is resigned to living here quietly again.

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  3. What a great birthday! Seems the cake pictures are off. Little boy with big cake then man with little cake. If one were to pick a cake accompaniment I would choose ice cream.


    1. Ha! Ha! I hadn’t thought about the sizes of the cakes and the son! That is most amusing that you caught it.

      Yes, ice cream would be a much better accompaniment than olives and savory crackers. I’m glad there are sane members of the family.

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