CAT’s Car Caper

CAT, a neighbor’s animal that often walks with us, had a rather exciting morning. She joined us in front of her house. John turned back at the big bend, still not quite up to walking to the stop sign after his cold. I didn’t look back until I heard him talking to her. She must have had a moment of indecision when we walked separate ways. From now on, I’ll remind John that she chose him over me.

When coming back from the stop sign, I was aware of a car backing out of CAT’s driveway. What a shock to see CAT on top of the car as it came toward me on the road! She jumped off, landing right at my feet. Being a cat, she landed upright, but forward momentum rolled her to the ground. She was up in an instant, casually walking away as if that was an everyday occurrence. The owner got out of her car, saying she hadn’t heard the cat jump off. Evidently this is not an unusual thing! I reassured her that all was well, as neighbor Bob drove down the street. I don’t think Bob saw the action. As I turned to go home, cars resumed moving, and all was right with the world. I coaxed CAT to look at me so that I would have a portrait of her before she gets run over.

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