A Correction and my Apology

Months ago there was a post in which I quoted daughter Lise as saying there were double “l”s in Philippa’s name. I dutifully changed the spelling, although it didn’t look good to me. In subsequent posts, I spelled it with a double l. This week Philippa herself liked the post on Facebook. Attention, Anne! Philippa would spell her own name correctly!!! You’ve got it all wrong!

Philippa, I do apologize for having your name wrong so many times. I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe I have the answer. I wonder if I misspelled it 40 years ago, and Lise made the statement that I used two “l”s. I should have understood two were wrong, and one was correct.

The marvelous part is that Philippa and Lise reconnected on Facebook, and that lovely girl I knew 40 years ago is alive and well in England. In this photo, Philippa is the girl on the far right.

19 thoughts on “A Correction and my Apology

  1. I try to spell names properly, but sometimes there are unique aspects to the way names are spelled. I appreciate the creativity that goes into the unique spellings, but honest to Pete my addled brain cannot always get it right. I hear ‘ya on this one.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve misspelled your name yet. Give me time.

      People get mine wrong, too. They often write Ann for Anne. No one spells my name wrong more often than I do. I’ve written Ame, Enna, And and many others. While signing my name, my brain has gone on to something else, leaving mistakes behind.

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  2. I know various people, bloggers or otherwise, with your moniker – I have to stop and think when writing. When I worked at the ad agency, we did Chrysler-Plymouth advertising (until we lost the account and did Lincoln-Mercury). However, I typed the word “Chrysler”, on a correcting Selectric typewriter, easily 100+ times a day. We typed drafts, final copy, letters, memos … Chrysler came out of my ears, but for years afterward, I could not type the word Christmas, without my fingers automatically typing Chrysler.


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