A Very Short Visit

Niece Chrissie and husband Chris spent 1 ¾ days with us, and we enjoyed every moment. Daughter Lise hadn’t seen her cousins since they were together in Lisbon a few years ago. Here they are on a mountain overlook.

Chrissie, Chris, and Lise

They brought a very special Christmas gift, Chris’ ornament for 2021, a hockey player. He designs and makes the ornaments based on some event from the current year. I forgot to ask if there was a story connected to this one.

Chris hands John the ornament
Hockey Player

There was one of his older ornaments hanging from our mantel. I enjoyed watching Chris give it a tune-up, gently bending the wires to restore it or give it a slightly different shape. It’s not often you see an artist revisit his work. John hadn’t started decorating for Christmas, so the rest of the ornaments were still packed away.

Chris also said the angel on the mantel is unique. After making ours, he changed the way he finished the wings. It’s exciting to know we have this one-of-a-kind piece. I found I had the angel backward when I took the photo. Chris’ blog is here if you’d like to see more, including the angel facing the correct way.

We ate barbecue at Butts on the Creek, a restaurant with a lovely view of the water. This is upstream from the point where John and I see it on our morning walk.

Going to Cataloochee Valley to see elk is a popular tourist activity. Sometimes the animals are not in sight at all, but we were treated to quite a show. We spotted the herd and stopped the car. Chrissie was probably taking the photo on the left from her side of the car, and I snapped one of a buck approaching on my side.

Chris caught the elk passing John’s window, followed by one of me as I focused on the animal.

On the way out of the valley, we stopped at an overlook where a stranger took our photo.

Chrissie’s post about their visit is here.

This was a whirlwind visit, but oh! so very special!

28 thoughts on “A Very Short Visit

  1. I am glad you had such a good visit, looks as though you packed a lot into the time. Love the pictures of t he ornaments. I am always intrigued by people’s abilities and gifts. Liked the pictures of the elk. We have a place not far from us where people go to see elk, but we haven’t gotten there yet. That one was really close to the car!


  2. Those ornaments are really unique – how nice of Chris to give you one each year. The company was nice and the visit probably sped by. I am intrigued by those elk. You have showed them before, but never up that close! That one by the window clearly giving you and John the side-eye! What a lucky find of a herd of elk so close to the car.


  3. I marveled especially, at the photos of the elk so near your vehicle! I had that experience with buffalo one time as I took a nephew through a nearby wildlife preserve. There is something magical about being in the presence of such a large mammal and being able to literally look it in the eye. What a special experience, Anne! I loved the ornaments too – so creative!


  4. I am glad you are savvy enough to stay in the car around the elk. It is sad that people have to be reminded that large animals are not Disney characters. I loved the metal work, particularly the angel.


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