Serious Logan

I am very proud to report that neighbor Logan knows when to be serious. He is full of fun and sometimes mischief, but when it counts, he is totally in control. John coached him a few times for reading a scripture lesson in church. John, David, and I went to the service of lessons and carols to see him. He did a wonderful job. He had a good pace, read with feeling, and pronounced words clearly. We were far back in the church, so the camera zoomed to get these shots.

We were blessed by being there. The choir was excellent, and the large bell choir had wonderful arrangements. The Bible readings were the standard ones that we need to hear over and over. Between the readings were musical selections that enhanced the impact of God’s saving grace, sending his son to live among us. What a marvel!

After the service, we asked Logan to come over for eggs. We were given several dozen and wanted to share with his family. Logan said he needed to go home to take a shower, but I held out my phone with the Set game of the day on it. I knew Logan could work the game in less than three minutes, so the fault was mine for luring him to play. Normally he and grandson David are fantastic. Not so that time! Logan couldn’t find the sixth set. David looked at it with him, and I couldn’t resist taking photos of pure concentration.

Still wearing white shirts from church
Hear the brains whirring?

I mentioned Logan’s being mischievous. Just a few days ago I asked him the name of a boy he has played with. I don’t know what clues he gave that he was teasing, whether it was the tilt of his head, the glint in his eye, or a change in tone. He told me the boy’s name was something like Jimmy Billy Bob Jumpus. I had to laugh. How could he think up something outlandish so quickly? That’s the imp in the neighborhood that we all love so dearly.

21 thoughts on “Serious Logan

      1. Yes, he is handsome.
        Iam a Ismail Khoja. We go to prayer hall with families. I think ,You heard the name of The Aga Khan. All our families together in prayer hall .


  1. How wonderful that you are so close to Logan and his parents so are watching him grow up before your very eyes. He has learned much being so close to you and John and that is reflected in your posts.


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