Santa Claus Came

Santa came to our house early in the morning, not in the wee hours. It was 5:27. Know what? Santa was not wearing a red suit with a matching hat. She wore a nightgown!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve, going to the candlelight service at church and coming home to have German cookies and eggnog. We sat at the table chatting until late. I should have remembered the little gifts I’d bought, because we didn’t exchange presents this year. I blithely went to bed without thinking of the empty stockings in front of the fireplace. No one was up when I woke at 5:27, so I put the candy in the stockings, along with a toothbrush to stop the damage the candy might do. (My dad was a dentist.)

Fireplace ready for Christmas

Everything was ready for Christmas Day. I had taken a photo of the elk neighbor Bob made for their yard. The first time Sadie saw it, she barked fiercely. This day she paid it no attention, preferring to sniff the ground.

Sadie with the elk Bob made

John finished decorating the tree, using only a portion of our ornaments. There were ones made by grandsons David and Nathaniel when they were children, one created by Logan, Chrismons I made years ago, some made by others, and some bought at a Christmas market in Munich. Many good years were represented on that tree.

Our tree with the one gift I wrapped this year.

Merry Christmas!

22 thoughts on “Santa Claus Came

  1. Good for you! Reminds me of the times I’d wait until everyone was asleep to go put toys and candy in stockings. I miss those days, but this year was happy just the same, my joy just coming from all of us being together. 🤗


  2. That’s a beautiful tree Anne – very regal looking. I remember getting a Christmas stocking at the end of my bed as a youngster and I was told the night before that I should open the stocking and stay in bed so Mommy and Daddy could sleep in. My father worked six days a week with a 50-mile round-trip commute and began at 6:00 a.m. The stocking usually had little books and Barbie accessories, some candy (only allowed for special occasions).


      1. Yes, it worked out for both of us that way didn’t it? But my mom used to say even though I was supposed to be quiet, I’d let out a shriek when I saw new Barbie clothes and woke them up anyway.


  3. This is lovely! Debi and I have an assortment of Christmas tree ornaments like yours, including a little container of water from the Oconaluftee River above Cherokee, and a motel key from the first night we spent together in Springfield (we’d been separated for a while and it was Christmas Eve when Debi got down here with the cat and our household goods in a U-Haul). Every ornament told a story, and I once mentioned it to my freshman English class as an example of a private symbol — without thinking what a roomful of 18-year-old college students would do with the idea of their English teacher putting a motel key on his Christmas tree! 🙂


    1. John always decorates the tree by himself. I made a mistake in throwing the last bit of tinsel on our first tree and was excused from decorating from then on. Best mistake I ever made!! I love seeing what he does with the tree each year.


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