End of the Christmas Season

I looked back at the photos I took this Christmas, wanting to savor the memories. The time flew by with no time for reflection. It all began with a gathering of all the neighbors at Joyce’s house on the 20th.

Anyone with a birthday in a week before or after Christmas knows they are celebrated in nanoseconds. That’s all I’ve ever known, so I was pleased. A very special find was a birthday balloon in the shape of a Christmas tree. That summed it up perfectly.

Christmas dinner was relaxed for everyone. I was glad son John $pencer took a video of the flaming Christmas pudding. In England 40 years ago, neighbor Gillian gave us one she had made and included the recipe. I still have that recipe in her handwriting and use it every year.

After dinner, all but the two Johns went for a walk. Neighbor Logan shared his scooter with grandson David, which delighted David.

Four of us waited for the new year to begin. Six were side-lined by having been with someone who tested positive for COVID.

North Carolina snows are often beautiful and disappear without freezing on the roads. Ours came on January 3. I liked the margarita-looking birdbath on the deck and Sadie’s exploring a snowman on our morning walk. She growled, backed away, ventured forward, and finally sniffed the white alien.

The rock that had been in the birdbath wore an ice halo. This morning I noticed miniature lights on the Christmas tree. The tiny ornament reflected all the lights around it. To mark Epiphany, we’ll turn off the tree tonight at midnight.

41 thoughts on “End of the Christmas Season

  1. What a wonderful Christmas season you had. It’s great that you still make the flaming Christmas pudding you first tried back in England. We leave our tree up until after Ephiphany as well since we moved to Spain. January 6th is the big day here. I love Sadie and the snowman!

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  2. I like the new header of Sadie on the porch in snow, and the snowman investigation is perfect! Our little hill cottage was more quiet than usual this Christmas, so glad you had a good time. Love to see that flaming pudding!

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    1. I don’t think anyone got a good photo of the flames this year. Thanks for commenting on the header. I don’t think most of us see headers if we mostly see posts in Reader.

      I hope a quiet Christmas was what you wanted. Ours was not as frenetic as usual, and I liked it.


  3. I always learn something new when I read your blog! I didn’t realize, fir instance, that today is the end of Christmas season. I’ve also never had flaming Christmas pudding! I’d love the recipe if you share 🤗


    1. Liturgical churches observe Epiphany on January 6, commemorating the wise men visiting Jesus. Symbolically Jesus showed himself to non-Jews. The 12 days of Christmas go from December 25 to January 6. John’s mother remembers it as a time of church activities in Minnesota. They presented a pageant, had special music, and gathered to socialize in the 1920’s.

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    1. Yes, we are doing well. I hope you are, too. I should check to see if you’ve been posting, because I found one of my favorite blogs fell off my list. I don’t want to lose you the same way. Happy New Year!


  4. So pretty look pic of you and the Christmas tree birthday balloons. Someone very was creative with that cute snowman. I always learn something new when I read your blog. I hadn’t flaming Christmas pudding. All pic are so beautiful.🙏


    1. I loved that little snowman, too. I didn’t realize until I looked at the photos that it had arms molded into the ball of snow.

      The Christmas pudding is a steamed pudding from England. I had never had one until we lived near London for two years. It became a part of our Christmas traditions from then on.

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      1. I ask you last second pic is what?
        Thank you so much you share me about pudding what it. Iam so glad to you 🌷🙏


        1. I’m not sure which picture you are asking about. The last two are a rock with ice and an ornament on the Christmas tree. The rock had been in the birdbath, and the water froze around it. The little ornament was reflecting lights on the tree. I stopped to look at it, because I couldn’t see what it was. The ornament was outlined in tiny reflected lights. Hope that answered your question.

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          1. Yes, you are right that answer.. Last two picture that, Rock with ice and ornament reflecting lights on the tree. You reply me then iam so glad.🙏
            Thank you so much 🌷

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    1. You are the first person who has mentioned other holidays colliding with a birthday. I never thought of it except for Thanksgiving. My best friend growing up sometimes had her birthday on Thanksgiving Day. You and she have my sympathy.


  5. You had some wonderful memories in the latter part of the year … Thanksgiving with Lise, your birthday, then Christmas with family and friends. That is a unique balloon. The snowman is cute with that unique “hair” and I had to laugh at Sadie with the snowy stranger. 🙂


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