Snow Melt Art

Until this year, the best part of snow was watching it fall and hoping it would stick. During the last snowstorm, I paused occasionally to watch it and was rewarded with about eight inches of it piled on the deck. Days of melt ensued. I had no use for this destructive process until I looked at the design where snow had melted. There seemed to be dark fanciful animals leaping there.

About half an hour later I looked at the white bits and saw a white Yorkie on the left, followed by others with their muzzles behind the dog ahead. On the right are several dachshunds.

Three days later there was a special design under a plant stand. I’m not sure if snow clung to the stand, keeping it from accumulating below, or if it melted and dripped on snow under it. Obviously, I missed the action as this was forming.

John and I were walking in a light flurry when we noticed Sadie licking the snow off the road as she walked. I failed to record that design, but I did catch her in the act of scooping up snow with her tongue.

I am so happy that snow now has two dimensions for me – one coming, the other going.

59 thoughts on “Snow Melt Art

  1. How clever to see the designs the melting snow makes. I recall waking up on very cold mornings on the farm and finding ice inside my window on the glass. There would always be a fantastic design. Dad would say that Jack Frost had come in the night and painted my window with ice.

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    1. I occasionally saw Jack Frost’s art. Fascinating!

      Perhaps, because my eyes do not work well together now, I am seeing things differently. Who could have guessed such a blessing would come from macular degeneration???

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    1. Thank you for seeing what I saw. Sometimes I can’t describe things well enough to get the family to see alternate views.

      There is a photo that David took of foliage and a butterfly. There was no water near that scene, but I can see a reflection clearly. He, with much better sight, can’t see what isn’t there.

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      1. I see shape and design in all kinds of things–the tile in the shower, the tile in the floor, shadows on the wall at night. I see it as a mark of creativity. I used the shape of what looked like horses grazing in a distant field that I noted in the floor tile one day to paint a card. I think it is fun–perhaps I should try painting dogs chasing each other across a field, courtesy of your front porch. 🙂


      2. Oh, I also forgot to tell you–yesterday I went out to run an errand, and there was a little patch of ice on the ground–like those you like to pop. I pressed my foot down on it, and wow! It was a satisfying little sound indeed.


  2. Love the “snow art”… it is fascinating when we can suddenly see things that we were always to busy or too serious to see before. It’s like those old drawings that were two-faced: an ancient woman miraculously turns into a beautiful young maiden. Snow is a wonderful experience, but it can be treacherous…I finally got my car into the garage just two days ago. I’ll miss scraping the ice off the windows (not!) 🙂 I try to be cautious, but tend to forget about underlying ice. I learned to drive (at 15, in high school Driver Education,) on icy roads.

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      1. I’ve been around snow all of my life, and I try to treat it with respect 🙂 I’ve taken some bad slips in my lifetime, but so far so good, and I sure don’t want to break anything at this late date. 🙂 I did manage to get my car in the garage finally…just in the nick of time, too…its nice to go out to get in the car and not have to scrape the ice and snow off of it. The cold is something else…its been in the low teens and near zero (Fahrenheit) … colder than it has been in recent years.


  3. When I retired and did not have to worry about driving in snow or cancelling events, snow took on a new meaning. I still don’t like a lot of it but I can appreciate a little now and then. I don’t like when it’s “dirty” snow. We have a little from earlier in the week but not much. We didn’t get much to start, then it rained and warmed up. That works for me.


          1. We had 26 inches the week before we moved last year and that was too much. We had (and that means mostly Dan) had to clear to driveways plus a path around to the rear basement entrance so we could move. I’m a 4 to 6 inch girl with a good melting within a couple days. I should live farther south but they have gotten more than we have this year.


  4. Iam so glad to see snow. What a fantastic designs the melting snow. Beautiful picture,I totally see the dog in the snow.!


    1. This storm has changed our walking. Icy ruts cover the bend in the road, and we won’t venture past that. Sadie wondered why we retraced our steps, but she took advantage of another chance to sniff everything. We don’t have the breath to go the other way, UP the mountain.


  5. These are super photos, Anne, and a lovely commentary. I guess you saw the negative space that’s so important in art, or the white space that adds so much to poems. Except that in this case the white space was black.


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