Visiting Nathaniel

Our plans to visit grandson Nathaniel were canceled, because he tested positive for COVID. A week later, after he quarantined with a very light case, we went to a restaurant he chose. We always leave that decision to him, since he is a culinary student at the university and has heard about all the nearby eateries. We had a lovely visit with him and friend Sarah, as shown in the photo.

What doesn’t show is the explosive sound that greeted us when we opened the door of the restaurant. We were shown to a table right under a speaker. I immediately lowered the volume on my hearing aids while the others refrained from covering their ears. If we had stayed in those seats, everyone would have come out as deaf as I am. Nathaniel politely requested another table, so we picked up our menus and napkins to follow. I didn’t hear what he said, but we were led upstairs and shown to these two tables pulled together. We did not know that a Super Bowl playoff was on the air, and EVERYONE downstairs was an avid fan. The restaurant person asked if we were sure we wanted the sound off and mercifully left us in peace.

The photo of our party, taken from a different angle, shows the game projected on a large screen behind Sarah’s seat and mine.

The building had been a residential house, and we had half the upstairs. I’m still amazed that we got the quiet we wanted AND a private dining room at no extra cost. I wondered why no other diners were brought upstairs. As we walked out, we saw that every parking space was taken in that tiny lot.

David told me today that every time he heard patrons downstairs shouting or groaning, he glanced at the screen to see what was happening. I’m glad he had a good view and I did not.

14 thoughts on “Visiting Nathaniel

  1. I take it you aren’t a football fan. 🤣 No, I totally understand, when you want to talk and visit, you don’t want all that raucous noise! I’m glad y’all got to visit Nathaniel. I bet he really enjoyed it!


  2. I like residential houses that get turned into restaurants. There’s instant atmosphere. As for Sunday’s football game, we watched from home– totally amazed that the hometown team won.


  3. I am totally against restaurants with a TV screen in them. I don’t like TV at the best of times and especially when I’m eating. We are not into sports either but there is a time and a place. Lucky they were able to accommodate you.


    1. We’ve been to a number of restaurants with TVs that were not intrusive. There might be four screens tuned to different stations, but all were silent. I can easily live with that.


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