Changeable Weather

I know it’s Spring when I look at the thermometer, throw on appropriate layers, walk outside for a while, and shed clothing as needed. That’s why I had a long-standing agreement with Connie and Marla for hanging a jacket on their mailbox near the stop sign. After they moved, I asked for the same permissions from Harmony and Lise across the street. This week I pulled off the hat and jacket before reaching the end of our driveway. No special permission needed!

Later that day, Connie came for our every-other-month lunch. While Albert is being groomed, she spends the time with us. I love this schedule that insures we keep in touch. We had hoped Shawn could join us, but communications were awry. John took a photo of us. After it was too late, I realized the lovely decoration on Connie’s sleeve did not show to advantage. I am wearing one of the new tops the neighbors picked out for me from the thrift shop. “They” say the best thing to wear is a smile, and we both kept those on.

36 thoughts on “Changeable Weather

  1. Lovely miles both of you. So sweet smile you make me happy. I hope she is your friend. Beautiful share you . I like.🌷🙏


  2. Charlie is forever finding mistakenly discarded gloves, mittens, hats and glasses as he walks. He always sticks them up on poles to be found by their owners. He found glasses yesterday on our walk. I wonder if anyone ever returns for them. I love the green sweater on you. I look awful in light green, but you wear it well.


    1. The world has changed. I think people used to be good neighbors, and now many think only of themselves. A smile, a wave, and a chat over the fence can mean so much through the years. Many are too busy for that.

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      1. I agree with you Anne – I see your neighbors and think about how things used to be. I am the only original neighbor on the street from when we moved here in 1966.


          1. This house was built in 1963 and an older couple decided to move to an apartment. Our neighbors across the street, both long gone, were the first ones in the neighborhood. Only their house for the longest time they said, then gradually the block started filing in.


              1. Yes it is Anne and years ago if someone on the street passed away, one of the neighbors came around to tell the others on our block and collect for flowers and a card. That hasn’t happened in years and there were four elderly people on the block who died within a one-year period. Two of them were a couple, the other two were widows. I saw the respective houses go up for sale and then Googled for an obituary notice and learned each had died months earlier.


                    1. Aha – that is the reason then. We’ve never done anything as a group on this block and now I only chat with neighbors on either side when doing yardwork. I know in some cities they have block parties – nothing like that has ever happened here.


  3. Lovely photo of you two! Our token sign of spring is, we took the sparkly snowflake decoration off the front door and put the sunny Easter chick on instead!


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