Logan Stays the Night

Neighbors Shawn and Bob were given marvelous tickets to a sold-out concert, and we were the lucky ones who kept Logan (11). What a delight! We picked him up at the tennis court, arriving in time to watch him practice. On the way home, he talked about the coach who is also his teacher for most academic subjects. She is the kind who inspires students wherever she goes.

Logan in red shirt on left

I was impressed with Logan’s taking care of his two dogs. As soon as we got home, he let the dogs out, fed them exactly what they needed, and let them out again – all part of their routine. I glanced at the floors to make sure the dogs hadn’t pooped inside. Seeing a dark spot in the hall, I asked Logan to check it. My depth perception isn’t what it used to be. He knew it wasn’t three-dimensional and put his foot right on it. Whew! Logan tended the dogs again at night and in the morning

The short afternoon was gone far too quickly. John and I had found a toy airplane that we thought might be fun. I asked John if he wanted to go out with Logan, and Logan quickly said, “I can play by myself. I’m used to playing alone.”

He is always accommodating. I wanted a video of the action, so I was outside with him. The plane was a total dud, not having a single noteworthy flight, not a single one!! Oldsters tend to think things in the past were glorious, but we remember airplanes that glided through the air and gently landed in the grass.

An airplane that refused to fly

Logan plays Wordle now, and he knew where to find unlimited games on the computer. We worked two together. Having talked with friend Susan, I knew people often have a favorite word to start. You choose one with most-used consonants and vowels. Logan’s is adieu, and mine is ideal. What amused me was the difference in our strategy. His mind is very quick, so he guessed words using letters he knew were correct. I didn’t repeat those on the second line, choosing to try out a different array to find more letters in the word. As in the game of Set, we both get the right answer, only he does it ten times quicker than I can. I stand in awe of his brain.

There was no time for play in the morning. After breakfast, Logan took care of the dogs, and we drove to school. I knew everyone would want to see his face and had to make do with a photo inside the car.

Logan always puts on his seat belt without being reminded.

Logan’s manners are impeccable. He holds good conversations with everyone, knows proper table manners, helps clear the table, says thank you for everything done for him, and his sense of humor is delightful. If every neighborhood had a Logan, what a marvelous world this would be! [Kudos to Shawn and Bob, once again, parents of the year.]

52 thoughts on “Logan Stays the Night

  1. Hey!! My first word is “adieu” too!!!! What are the odds, I tell ya! BTW did you discover “Worldle” yet? Fun! You need to be *really* good in geography!


  2. What fun for all of you. I love having young folks around. We’ve had a 9-year-old visiting from Ireland, two doors down. Her parents wanted to go out one evening so we looked after her. She is a delight to have around. That airplane seems more like a boomerang!


        1. Thank you for being patient with me. Would email work for you to chat with me? If so, go to my blog site, click on Contact near the top of the page, and fill out the information. An email will be sent to me with your address, and I will reply. We are advised not to put our email addresses in public areas.

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  3. He is such a good boy!
    I love Wordle! They made it a game app and I play it every day. I haven’t lost one yet, but I have had a couple of sessions where I had to use all the possible guesses.
    I hope Shawn and Bob enjoyed their night out!

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    1. I hadn’t thought about it, but he is self-sufficient and responsible. I laughed that after he left, I found the book he is reading, one sock on the floor, and one sock under the sheet at the bottom of the bed. That should round out the picture.

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  4. That entire evening and morning sounds like it was magical — for him and for you. Did he try flying the plane with a lighter send-off? I seem to remember that working better. I always start Wordle with “adieu” as well. Then “chord.” Love reading other people’s strategies.


    1. That’s something that you and Logan share a starting word. I’ve heard others, but I can’t remember them.

      I’ll ask David to try flying a plane differently. I bought him one for Easter, too, and I haven’t given it to him. As you can tell, we have sophisticated taste in gifts.


            1. Niece Chrissie and I are now sharing our results, she early in the morning, and I when I get to it. It’s a bit unfair, because if I see it has taken her five or six lines, I know I’ve got to think carefully.

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  5. Logan is a gentleman! How kind, considerate and caring an individual he is. Kudos to his parents. The airplane looked like fun. Such a windy day! Hats off to you and your husband for hosting such a wonderful guest. oxox


      1. Logan’s skills wll be there as he has disdain for his parents. They will know nothing for a few years and become smart when he is in his 30s. It’s good Logan has you and John. I make it a point to speak to the neighborhood teens.


          1. Thank you, Anne. My words of wisdom are not always wanted though. I think young people need to acquire some common sense too. As in teaching, some days are met with more success and some with less. Be well. oxox

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