Just a Silly Second

Most folks know I am challenged by numbers in many ways. Carrying a number in my mind across a room is almost impossible. Remembering a six-digit number from one screen to another is not easy, particularly if they should be in the same order. Today I hit a new low. I was hurrying to go out to walk, looked at the digital clock at 7:11 and said in my head, “Seven eleven-teen.”

37 thoughts on “Just a Silly Second

  1. In church I got into the habit of looking the numbers in reverse. So, if the scripture wasn’t reading right, I knew to transpose the numbers and go there, lol. I wasn’t old then. Now, I can fall on that excuse, lol.


  2. There are words people and there are numbers people, I’m a words person. I leave numbers for others to deal with. Nothing to do with memory or age. xo


    1. You’ve made a good decision. I worked for an accounting firm. They had me doing the payroll, knowing I couldn’t even remember what my own salary was. I also typed numbers for all the audit reports.


  3. Then there are those of us who are somewhat cursed with not being able to forget numbers that no longer have significance…everything from phone numbers disconnected decades ago, to prescription numbers and doses. And, if the military said goodbye to my bones and boots in 1968, why does the 10-digit sequence they decided would be better than my name for identification still roll out of my mind like a fingerprint? I just cannot lose numbers. (including the 77 words of this comment)


    1. Your problem must be the exact opposite of mine. I’m impressed, but I wouldn’t trade problems with you for anything. It would be awful to be haunted by numbers. Go figure!


    2. I can still rattle off my late-ex-husband’s US Army serial number after all these years. We were married in 1955. Of course I can’t do it if I think about it, just off the top of my head.


  4. Old numbers I remember. News ones not so much. I remember my 5 digit employee number from a company I left in 1989. Can’t remember what I had for breakfast. Our minds work in mysterious ways! 🙂


    1. I remember telephone numbers from 75 years ago. Dad’s office was 29. The main pharmacy was 1. Our home was 125, Mamaw 207 and Grandmother 278. There hasn’t been room for a new number in my brain for 40 years.

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  5. It sounds like you could be dyslexic to me. If you haven’t had this problem all of your life, then some a brain injury can cause it. I am dyslexic and have coping strategies to deal with it. When I am tired, it is worse.


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