Kate is Here!

Want to walk with us to the creek? Daughter Kate is with us for a week, and we are loving every minute. I won’t take photos of our sitting and talking, but we have recorded things we’ve seen outside.

The first amusing thing we passed was a neighbor’s vegetable garden. I always wave to the scarecrow the first time I see him in the Spring, not realizing that it isn’t a real person. This year Warren added two pink flamingos, which made us laugh. In the middle is a sprinkler he has hooked up to a pump in the little stream that runs beside his property. I’ve never seen it operating, but his plants are never thirsty.

CAT greeted John and Kate, then walked with us for a while.

Kate found just the right spot to scratch her neck.

At the firehouse we found the first rosebud of the year.

We took the obligatory selfie at the creek.

I was pleased to find a cluster of blooms of the horse chestnut tree on the way home.

Kate posed with Park Branch that flows through our area. It is so small that it is called a branch rather than a stream.

At home, we found the lilac bush blooming and scenting the air all around it.

26 thoughts on “Kate is Here!

  1. Hi Kate 🙂 How is it that she doesn’t seem to age?!?! Love the selfie particularly. I had never noticed how similar your beautiful smiles are. Hope you have the best week ever!


  2. So beautiful you with your daughter Kate. The flowers picture so wonderful. I hope you have the best week ever. I liked that the cat came out say hello and followed you. I wish you enjoyed week with your family. 🙏🌷


    1. We’re having a ball. Grandson Nathaniel and friend Sarah will go back to Charlotte in a few minutes. The whirlwind visit was marvelous. I’m happy daughter Kate has a couple of days left.

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