Testing the System

Daughter Lise has been sweeping through the house like a whirlwind, transforming little junk rooms into showcase closets. She is a force of nature that can’t be measured. A few days ago she converted my bedroom linen closet with neat stacks and bins with labels. It’s too bad I don’t have a “before” photo, but I am not into self-flagellation.

Closet by Lise

This morning I woke with a very itchy wrist. It was time to test the system. I figured a soothing lotion should be in that closet, and it was in the first bin I withdrew. Yes! Lise’s system worked perfectly for me! I shall lead the applause for my wonder-working daughter!

29 thoughts on “Testing the System

  1. Kudos to Lise, what a loving daughter and helpful too. An inspiration I would love to employ, but all I have is the before picture. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stuff and just stuff in somewhere. That’s my story all too often. Congratulations Lise.


  2. WE are in that stage of life where help from our kiddos is an overwhelming blessing. A few weeks ago our water heater gave it up after 22 years. Our son-in-love, Ken, got back off vacation and the next day installed a new one. Even in my healthiest days I wouldn’t have known where to start. Your daughter is MoneLISE!


  3. Lucky you! Actually, my daughter is the same way, amazing organizer. But I doubt she’d have time or inclination to do our place! Our apartment looks… um, well – very lived in!


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