Celebrating in Charlotte

It was marvelous that grandson Nathaniel and girlfriend Sarah came to visit us for several hours, but it left us longing to see more of them. It took about two and a half hours to get to Charlotte. While waiting for Sarah to get off work, we visited in Nate’s new apartment, his first after graduating university. He was still in the process of moving in, as were his two roommates.

David, Lise and Nathaniel

Nathaniel chose a wonderful restaurant to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. The food was excellent, and we could hear each other talk. I no longer take that for granted. The place was not busy, so the staff didn’t mind that we ate leisurely and stayed to chat.

David, Nathaniel, Sarah, and Lise

We enjoyed a tour of the apartment complex, and the young folks willingly posed for a photo with the pond in the background.

After seeing the swimming pool, they spontaneously balanced on a railing. I asked for a repeat to get a video.

All the youngsters, Lise included, were so much fun to be with. We three also talked all the way there and back. Family times are glorious, and I enjoyed every minute.

26 thoughts on “Celebrating in Charlotte

  1. Beautiful all photos. Nice video for balancing three younger. Nice apartment. Enjoy with family. I like. Iam so happy 😊!


  2. I find dining out with a group of people frustrating as I can usually only hear the person directly on my right side. I’m glad you had such a great time with the young people.


  3. Looks like a fun day, of course over too soon, though you had a long drive to keep the fun going for the three of you to return home. That’s a big apartment – how nice Nathaniel has the roomies to share expenses with and keep him company.

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